Sugar Daddy Australia WhatsYourPrice Review And How Does What’s Your Price Work?
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👥 Active profiles1.8 million
👯‍♀️ Age distributionMost women are 20-25 years old
💳  Payment methodsVISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
💰The average price per date$125
📲 Mobile Friendly+
WhatsYourPrice overview

What’s Your Price has been in the market since 2011. Still, its demand doesn’t fade: with over 900K visitors monthly, WYP claims to be a decent platform for classical sugar relationships. Unlike the related sites, Whats Your Price has a completely unique dating style offered—instead of asking a gorgeous female out and banking on your luck, a sugar daddy offers a generous bid. 

I’m going to cover all the most crucial aspects of this emerging website. Find out more about how you can use them to play into your hands down below in this review.

Overall What’s Your Price Rating

💌 User activity9.0/10.0
🫶 Success ratio8.5/10.0
💻 Support 7.1/10.0
💋 Number of features7.5/10.0
❤️ Overall8.0/10.0
What’s Your Price Rating

The rating you see is evidence-based—I did estimate the offered features of What’sYourPrice. Briefly speaking, user activity was remarkable! You will be found and replied to at any time. While the prices could be lower, these expenses are not clearly reasonable.

1 minute of numbers about What’s Your Price

  • What’sYourPrice always has from 900K to 1.2M users a year.
  • Whats Your Price was featured in Forbes and New York Magazine.
  • The website was founded in 2011.
  • Most visitors (80%) are from the United States.
  • There are more guys than girls: 62.71% to 37.29%.
  • Most visitors of What’s Your Price are from 25 to 44. main page main page

Pros&Cons of Whats Your Price dating website

➕ Pros
  • A state-of-art dating approach that revolves around bidding on your dates.
  • A massive response rate.
  • An ever-growing user base of over 900K people.
  • Low competition.
  • Customer support is quick, friendly, and nifty.
➖ Cons
  • The dating system on WhatsYourPrice may not suit everyone.
  • There’s no official Whats Your Price app.
  • There’s a confusing logic in the pricing policy.

What do Whats Your Price reviews say?

It took a while to research all the sources and combine a single answer on what real users’ Whats Your Price reviews tell about the website. 

It appears that Whats Your Price dating is completely satisfying and is generally affordable. Users love the pay-as-you-go system over the classic subscription. They also appreciate the website’s design and appreciate the unique concept of dating.

On the other hand, users are dissatisfied with the inability of the website to save long chats. Some women tend to cut the conversations after they get their incentives. What was also sad for most of the members is that bids under $200 rarely work out.

Website’s  aspectUsers’ review
🔥DatesMost users mention that one can easily get a date if they are willing to spend money on credits to unlock conversations. However, you may need to pay more credits to make bids for more expensive dates. The site is considered to be more suitable for middle-income men.
♦️ Customer supportThe customer support team is helpful and efficient. It may quickly refund users after receiving a complaint.
👥 User activityEven with the incentive, some women stop responding after a few replies. This issue is shared by many popular dating sites. It may result in a lower number of dates.
📱UsabilityOccasionally, the site fails to save long messages due to a glitch.
✅ Site designThe website has a well-thought-out interface and is easy to navigate.
💰 PricesWhile some users manage to land a date by making a below-the-average bid, others struggle to find a date for less than $200. Some women misinterpret the concept of the first-date incentive and expect to be paid the same amount every time when they go on a date. In addition, some of them expect to be invited to expensive restaurants, which adds to the total cost.
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Effective matchesThe site uses an innovative concept of dating. Most users are looking for friendships or relationships.
What’s Your Price users reviews analysis
WhatsYourPrice review
Source: Trustpilot
WhatsYourPrice review
Source: Sitejabber

Why is Whats Your Price dating suitable for sugar dating?

Let’s hold up the WhatsYourPrice review and take a look at what this platform has to offer to both parties of its key audience.

Advantages for Sugar babies 

  • For sugar babies, which are usually females, the website offers a free-of-charge system.
  • The conditions for babies are the lightest. All you need is to fill out your profile decently, add your best photos, and wait to get money from sugar daddy.
  • Sugar babies do not need to reach out first, look for partners, or put in any other effort to find a sponsor.
  • The website allows all types of dating, including sugar baby no meeting virtual dating.

Advantages for Sugar daddies (and mommies)

  • Sugar daddies may be sure that all the babies’ What’s Your Price profiles are verified by photos and e-mail.
  • You won’t pay for chat (only for its unlock), sign-up, or advanced matching—you only pay for the bids. Those are the only Whats Your Price fees.
  • The advanced search is practical and helps find a date by look, body type, height, and weight, also by occupation, age, location, and background.
  • While sugar babies can’t opt to look for a generous partner, sugar daddies can choose who to bid on.

Free options of Whats Your Price

  • Search for dates using advanced matches;
  • Chat with matches;
  • Browse profiles of your matches;
  • Favorite your matches;
  • View their galleries;
  • Manage and edit your profile;
  • Sign-up and verification.

Fee-based options of What’s Your Price

  • Unlock the chat with your match;
  • Offer a bid to your match.

Sign up process on the website

To sign-up, first choose whether you’re a bidder or someone to bid on. Both can be men or women. Up next, the process is general for each type:

  1. You fill out the form: e-mail, password, name, and age.
  2. Upload a picture, and wait for it to get verified.
  3. Verify your ID by the ID copy.
  4. Complete your profile. Make it highly descriptive. 
  5. Upload the rest of the pictures.
Pricing policy of What’s Your Price
The pricing policy of What’s Your Price

Here you have it, that’s all the procedure, probably the easiest and the promptest I’ve ever met. 

How to search for matches?

The filter menu is conveniently placed on the upper bar, under the image of the magnifier. Search is free of charge and is pretty inclusive. These are the options a Whatsyourprice sugar daddy has:

  • Location
  • Distance
  • Who’s your match looking for (types of relationships)
  • Age 
  • Height, Weight, Body type.
What’s Your Price search
What’s Your Price search

Then move to the divided filters, like Yes or No:

  • ID verified
  • Smoking & Drinking
  • Having kids

After, you can apply or reset the filters, using the two buttons in the right bottom corner.

What’s Your Price profiles and their quality

First and foremost, all photos are shot and uploaded by their claimed owners—a strict photo verification won’t let in stolen imagery. 

Every profile, besides photos, contains the same info you saw in the filters (naturally because filters work this way) plus extra values. So, in a nutshell, this is what you will see by clicking on another profile:

  • A gallery of photos.
  • A “Make an Offer” button that allows you to bid on this profile.
  • A brief version of the profile on the right (Education, Income, Looks for, Body type).
  • A button that allows you to Favorite the profile.
  • A “Block and Report” button.
What’s Your Price profile

As with any other website I have reviewed, WYP has 50% legit, rigorously filled profiles and another 50% half-filled and ruthlessly photoshopped.

Options for interaction and communication

List of options: name, brief description, and a description of how the author used them and what he liked/disliked. (up to 300 words)

Usually, I’d say it’s trash when a website provides a limited range of options. But with Whats Your Price, things are different, as the style of dates is also altered. There are several active interactions on the website.


If we were to get specific about staking, bids are a sum of money that starts at $50 and ends at $500 that you can offer to a sugar baby as a sugar parent in order to chat and arrange a date. That could be called a sugar baby allowance if it makes the approach clearer. Testing this feature, I found out that the average and the most appropriate bid starts at $250, if not $300.


Chat can be unlocked for a certain sum of credits, and then it becomes unlimited. But only for the current match—any other match you’re gonna chat with will require chat unlocking again. The chat is plain and doesn’t offer anything extra to your messages, attachments, and emojis.

The pricing policy of What’s Your Price

As I said, you only pay to unlock the chat and to bid on the profiles. Surely you’re not paying your real money! It’s not that you link your credit card and then see your funds slowly decreasing without your awareness.

With a pay-as-you-go system, WYP allows you to buy local credits. Those are the packages offered:

$50 Start
100 credits
$150 Popular
500 credits
1000 credits

Oh, you’re an active bidder that would send at least three bids a day? For comfortable website use, I recommend investing no less than $1,000 in the Whats Your Price dating.

Using credits, you offer the bid and unlock the chat. What I didn’t like and haven’t grasped is the logic of this system: why should a user buy credits if they see all the prices in bucks? Rather bewildering.

How safe is your Whats Your Price dating?

The dating on WYP is secured by the following measures:

  • ID verification;
  • Photo verification;
  • SSL certificate of the website itself;

Both verifications are required of all members to ensure the legitimacy of every user. The SSL certification is just background music that makes the website “safe” to spend time on. For me personally, these technologies are satisfying but not enough: video and income verification would have made more sense.

My honest verdict on WYP

The website is fine for classic sugar dating, and it completely changes the game—that’s my opinion. Even though the security, the prices, and their logic could be better, as well as having an app is not a big deal but is very reputation worthy, the website has many positive sides, and thus, it’s worthy of being signed up on.

What's Your Price
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