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Oasis Active Reviews
Oasis Active Review
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Oasis Active
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Oasis Active Reviews

  • Site is free to use
  • Mobile application is available
  • Profiles are detailed
  • Unique features do exist
  • Chat room are available
  • Quick registration is at your disposal
Girl's reply rate
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close Note that these are rough estimates built on statistics received from Semrush and Moz online tools.
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Oasis Active Site Overview

Oasis Active is an online dating website created with the thought of Australian men and women who admire responsibilities-free affairs. One can easily find singles who have similar preferences. The platform sees around 200 logins on a daily basis. Moreover, the site has around 65 percent of the users as females. All the features and functions of the site are unique and exclusive. Moreover, the majority of female members are youngsters who are in search of a partner. Simultaneously, there are plenty of sugar daddies in Australia who are not old and are rich. These sugar daddies attract women for what they possess and Oasis Active is the perfect website to find your sugar daddy .

Oasis Active dating site overview

Oasis Active Dating Site

Registration at Oasis Active website

New users on Oasis Active website can complete their registration within a couple of minutes. These details will also be used for profile creation. Therefore, make sure that the details are genuine.

Users can also opt for Facebook to create their new accounts on Oasis Active. The option provides a quicker alternative. If you want to upload pictures, you can directly upload them from your computer or also import them from your Facebook account. The procedure is simpler as the users won’t be required to verify their email addresses.

Oasis Active sign up


The search feature on the site is accurate and gives the members access to look for other users on the site. There are featured suggestions available as well, which is an additional advantage. Moreover, all these features are available without any charge.

The dating platform also has a few chatrooms which users can join to communicate with other members. All the communication tools on the site are also free. Using communication tools, one can find their ideal match easily and quickly.

Oasis Active Profiles

Every user can view other users' profiles for free. Moreover, this Australian online dating site has detailed profiles which have most of the information that one requires to start a conversation. However, filling these fields is optional on Oasis Active, and not every user has a detailed profile. Nevertheless, users can also change their profile information later, which implies that there is always a place for improvement.

Oasis Active Profiles

Website design

Even though the basic functionality of the site and its layout are a bit lacklustre, users consider Oasis Active to be quite convenient. The functions are organized, and the use of tabs on the site is efficient. Moreover, navigating on Oasis Active will be simple and quick for most users. The web pages load quickly, and the same goes for the photos on the profiles.

Free and premium services

Free services

  • Registration
  • Building a profile
  • Matchmaking and search
  • Messaging
  • Profile themes

Premium services

  • No advertisements
  • Shoutouts

Special features

Oasis Active Features

Even though the site is free and has basic functionality, there are some special features available to enhance the dating experience of users. Here are the additional options that are available on Oasis Active:

My maybes

Unlike other dating platforms, there is a Maybe list on this site of Australian men and women. If you are not sure about a user, you can simply put him or her in your maybe list and decide later.

Who likes me?

Users can find out who has checked out their profiles and likes them. They can find out who is interested in matching with them.


There are multiple predefined messages available on the website. These messages will be sent to about 1000 active users on the platform who are as per your search preferences.

The number of sugar daddies in Australia is quite high. Moreover, there are beautiful women who are in search of sugar daddies of the same age or even elder to them. Oasis Active is the perfect platform to find the ideal sugar daddy and especially in Australia. Try out your luck on the site today!

Frequently asked questions

What are the charges of Oasis Active?

It is an absolutely free dating website which does not require the users to pay a penny. What a pleasant rarity!

How do I deactivate my account?

Users can delete their account by going into settings and choosing “Deactivate your account”.

Is Oasis Active safe?

Oasis Active is a safe dating website. Though some users may be concerned with absence of verification procedure, our specialists care about the absence of fake profiles on the site.

How long does it take to register?

Registration on the site can be completed within 2 minutes. Moreover, the Facebook login option provides a quicker method to sign up on the site.

How can someone check my private gallery?

Members have private galleries where they can add pictures. However, this gallery is hidden from other users, and you can provide the access only for those users you wish yourself.

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The app is strange. The pop-ups are hard to close, the app is very buggy, and there is a problem with notifications (I use Samsung S8+, I don't know if that matters). The idea is cool, the product isn't.
A totally free dating site, what a surprise! Oasis is one of the best dating chat sites I've ever seen — the registration is very fast, and the number of beautiful ladies is very high. Love it!