Sugar Daddy Australia Ashley Madison Dating Site Review 2022
👥 Number of usersOver 65 million
👫 Male-to-female ratio71-to-29
🧑‍💻 PrivacyDiscreet billing and payment methods
📲 Mobile AppiOS and Android
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In this Ashley Madison review we are going to point out the main features of the most famous sugar dating sites which stays unbiased, when it comes to extra-marital affairs, and offers a high level of protection to its users.

Overall Ashley Madison Rating

CategoryOur Score
🫶 Quality Matches9.1/10.0
💻 Usability7.9/10.0
🆓 Free features9.5/10.0
🔒 Data security 7.3/10.0
❤️ Overall8.4/10.0
Ashley Madison Rating

What Can Ashley Madison Offer?

Founded in 2001, Ashley Madison has taken on the most terrific challenges and is still keeps the power.

There is a wide variety of communication services on the site for people, who are interested in building secret relationships. However, this is not the most noticeable feature of Ashley Madison. This site is known for being secured and taking good care of its user privacy.

Sign Up Process

It is so simple that it will take you less than a minute to create an account on Ashley Madison. Note that you cannot sign up using any public accounts. It is done to protect you from any leaks of information.

So to register on Ashley Madison, you will have to provide information about your marital status (it is essential as your payment will depend on it), location, date of birth, as well as to create a username (better not to choose the real name), password and enter your email. Ashley Madison recommends you to create a separate email on Gmail or Hotmail to prevent any privacy invasion.

Ashley Madison Australia and the post-sign-up process

Once you’re registered with AshleyMadison Australia, you may have a pretty vague idea of what to do next. Most married affairs websites in Australia serve the same purpose—find a fitting hookup ASAP, so Ashley Madison AU is no different in that regard. You may browse around a bit, or you can upgrade your status and get things going. Most Ashley Madison reviews indicate that the service is pre-paid, and you need to know what you can count on.


There are different features that you may take advantage of on Ashley Madison:

  1. Communication tools. You can send people personalized messages, collect messages, chat with them, send gifts, winks, and use priority messaging.
  2. Priority Message. If you send another user a prioritized message, the person will see it first, so you can get higher chances of getting his/her attention.
  3. Golden Status. This option will list your profile as number three in search results of other users.
  4. Quick Reply. If you don’t have much time answering to each “hello” from other members, use this option to let them know you aren’t going to talk to them unless they send you a full message.
  5. Traveling Man. The site will help you find a partner even if you are traveling.
  6. Notifications. Ashley Madison is always going to let you know about the most compatible partners in your region as well as changes in services.
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Ashley Madison – Users Reviews Analysis

Since the world of online dating might be quite confusing, we have decided to help you make an informed choice and analyzed the reviews left by users registered on the Ashley Madison platform.

Most reviewers mention that this dating site is more suitable for married men and people looking for no-string relationships. Provided you put in enough time and effort, you can find a partner for a one-night stand or a longer affair. 

However, some users mention that the prices of the credit packages have recently increased, which makes this service less accessible for those who are on a budget. While you might need to spend several months to find a lady interested in having an affair with you, the result is totally worth it, which is why users rarely regret choosing this service. All in all, most users agree that it’s a reliable platform with a favorable male-to-female ratio.

Website’s  aspectUsers’ review
🌐 A choice of profilesThere are many registered users on this platform, but it might be difficult to get in touch with women who have popular profiles. This dating site received many favorable reviews from women who used it to find a dating partner. While there are some fake profiles as well, you can learn how to avoid them.
🔥 Success ratioThe effectiveness of the website often depends on a location of a user. In some areas that are considered to be popular dating hubs, users can quickly find a dating partner nearby. However, in other cases, it might take you several months to find the woman of your dreams.
💰 PricesAccording to some reviews, credits have become more expensive. It might be frustrating when a user spends them sending messages to a woman who isn’t genuinely interested in any relationship. 
📱 UsabilityThe platform has a streamlined UI, so you will easily figure out how to use it. Some users complain that the customer support team is rather unhelpful.
Asley Madison users reviews analysis

Security & Safety

The secured privacy of its users is the primary interest of Ashley Madison.

The site uses various tools to protect user personal information, and it also encourages people to make wise decisions when using the site. For example, it is crucial not to use any old emails, but to create one email only for using it on Ashley Madison. Also, it is recommended not to use a real name on the site but a neutral username so that nobody could learn that you are registered there.

Ashley Madison’s password analyzer will help you to create the most secure password. The site offers photo modification services to make you look more mysterious.

You also should not worry about payments as they are conducted anonymously – the site uses the services of PayPal, and you can also pay using your Mastercard or Visa cards.

Ashley Madison mobile app

It’s hard to imagine a modern service without a mobile application designed. The current Ashley Madison app is available for most devices. So, whether you need an Ashley Madison app for iPhone/Android, you can find it in the official store. The application in question is fast and functional. You can take your communication anywhere you go, as long as you have a stable Internet connection established.

Ashley Madison On Twitter

Ashley Madison Pricing

The pricing is different for men and women. Females who are looking for men can use the site for free, whereas males or females looking for other women are obliged to pay. The payment is made via purchasing credits or a subscription packages.

However, all newcomers can view profiles, share photos and send winks freely as long as they get a Guest Membership. After some time the site will offer credit and subscription options to such users.

Ashley Maddison Australia has the same price policy as the global variation of the site. Ashley Madison price list includes 3 types of credit packages that you can choose from. Depending upon your needs and priorities, you can select from the following:

  • Basic—$60 for 100 credits
  • Classic—$170 for 500 credits
  • Elite—$290 for 1,000 credits

Some may say that Ashley Madison prices are slightly higher than average, yet the versatility of functions you can carry out with a fair share of credits on the account exceeds the free functions by much. Ashley Madison costs are indicated in credits, which are the fiat currency of the online dating industry.

If you want to see Ashley Madison price policy in the act, it’s worth mentioning that to send or open a message on the site will cost you 5 credits. If you decide to live chat with a user on the site, you need to have at least 50 credits available on your balance. You can send virtual or actual gifts through the platform, which will cost you 50, 100, or 500 credits correspondingly, depending upon the present in question.

All in all, Ashley Madison is a perfect choice for people who understand relationships in a non-traditional way and would like to get some spices in their life. All the information is here, all you need to do is to make your conclusions.


Does Ashley Madison have a mobile app?

Yes, it does. In addition to a desktop version, users can download an Ashley Madison app on the App Store or Google Play to make communication with potential partners more convenient and flexible.

Is there customer support on Ashley Madison?

Yes, it is. Users can contact customer support representatives even if they’re not platform members and get responses to the questions.

How is data protected on Ashley Madison?

The website uses firewalls, and all the information is protected with SSL encryption to guarantee secure storage of both personal and financial data shared by users.

Can you chat with other users free of charge on Ashley Madison?

Only girls can use website services for free, while males are obliged to purchase a subscription package or some credits to make the most of the platform solutions.

Is there automated matchmaking on Ashley Madison?

Unfortunately, not. You should look for the best matches manually, though there are filters to make this search more specific.

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Sam is a professional matchmaker with over 25 years of experience in the dating industry. Throughout his career, Sam has acquired a natural knack for understanding the needs of singles who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships.
  1. I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve been on ashely maddison recently, but I already appreciate females here. I need girls to have a pleasant time together. Somebody can condemn this attitude towards ladies, but everything happens by mutual agreement. All the girls are just as good as they look. I met several of them and was pleased. I even met with one of them regularly.

  2. The website is quite complicated – there are too many things that have to be done in order to start using the website!

    • the site asks you to register and indicate some of your personal data, it’s a quite widespread procedure today! this is how the websites try to ensure only legit users have access to the services.

  3. I like this site. It is not very much different from the other dating sites, but the sugar daddy specialization eases the communication a lot. I’ve met a man, and we understood each other very fast. No games and no emotions, just an agreement – I like that there are sites for such relations.

  4. I have never seen a website that has so many unique features. I travel a lot, which is why it is important for me to find different girls in different locations. I do not have to change anything in my profile – the website does everything on its own. As a result – I can find and meet with ladies who are located nearby. It is very important, and I highly recommend this site to every single man!

  5. The prices differ based on whether I am married or not! I have never seen any website that has such a feature. Furthermore, the prices are quite high compared to other dating platforms. The services are of adequate quality, but there is no diversity of services, which is disappointing. It is an OK site, I guess.

    • the prices differ only on different services, other factors don’t influence them.
      we find Ashley Madison a perfect site, but perhaps, you are just not their audience. what about trying another site of those we reviewed?

  6. The men on Sugardaddie are extremely proud of their economic status and have no feelings. They actually talk to you like you are prostitutes. There is absolutely no respect for the other gender whatsoever. If one really is looking only for sex, then the person shouldn’t register for a sugar daddy site.

    • we are sorry you disliked it. still, allowance is one of the core components of sugar dating. maybe, you’d better try other types of relationships then

  7. I am a married man who needs to know that a website is secure. Ashley Madison is a website with excellent security measurements. It has helped me with finding wonderful girls who meet all my needs and demands. There are many communication tools available, although I use only chats as they are very convenient to use.

  8. I’ve tried many dating sites, but Ashley Madison is something new and different. I know about the 2015 problem, but according to my experience, now it’s totally safe and secure, so I don’t worry about my personal information here.

  9. I like using Ashley Madison dating site because of its perfect privacy policy. There are many safety measures that allow me to do what I want.

  10. The pictures of the women on the Established Men site seem just too good. You cannot be sure of hookups either if you are looking for that. I have talked to a number of girls and have ended up not satisfied most of the time.

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