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Dating platforms work for different people, including sugar babies and sugar daddies. Each has its unique motives. Some sugar daddies join these platforms to meet girls in person, while others simply seek hearty conversations. And the sugar daddy online only option can be really enjoyable! At least, there is no need for physical connections. Plus, it minimizes the risks of meeting a scammer. So, thanks to online sugar daddies no meeting dating websites, sugar babies can easily find men seeking conversation only and even get paid for that.

Best Online Only Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

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What is online sugar dating?

Online sugar dating is a modern form of relationships where older and wealthy men (sugar daddies) connect with younger and attractive girls (sugar babies) through sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting.

What online sugar dating includes:

  • Virtual communication. There is sugar daddy text only interaction (messaging, video calls, emails, or social media).
  • Financial support. It can be gifts or just money.
  • Emotional connection. It involves building an emotional connection with an online only sugar daddy through shared interests and conversations.
  • Convenience. There is flexibility in terms of location and time.

What it doesn’t include:

  • Physical intimacy. No physical meetings or sexual activities are involved in online sugar dating.
  • Face-to-face interaction. No ability to engage in activities together in person.

How to find a sugar daddy who only wants to text?

If you aren’t ready to meet with different sugar partners in real life, you can try to get acquainted with them online. Choose a top-rated dating website created for men and girls focused on sugaring: Secret Benefits will be perfect for such intentions.. Be sure not every sugar daddy really needs to go on dates in person. Some of them live in another country or city, and in fact, they aren’t ready to arrive in another area just for having a few dates with no strings attached. They may find a compatible partner in their own location. But when you search for a provider in another area, you have more chances to find Australian sugar daddy who wants to chat only.

List of 8 best sugar daddy apps without meeting

Do you think that the number of platforms where you can meet a sugar daddy without sugar isn’t big? Discover at least 8 reliable and popular sugar daddy apps and sites where you can meet a sugar daddy and have a distant relationship with him without real dates.


  • Costless access for: sugar babies
  • Free features: profile creation, browsing other profiles, using a search tool, like, contacting customer support, etc.
  • Paid services: secret browsing, sending messages, exchanging photos, watching private albums, etc.
  • Design: simple, intuitive, in black and purple shades
  • Safety measures: user verification, scam reports, SSL encryption

Secret Benefits is a leading example of the best sugar daddy apps without meeting. It has a vast audience and an impressive rating from users. If you want to find out where to find sugar daddies without meeting, prefer this legit platform with a video verification system. There’s a high reply rate of 90% as well as over 24 million visits a month. The site is most used in the USA, the UK, and Canada, with a very high audience activity.

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  • Costless access for: sugar babies
  • Free features: registration, profile browsing, viewing public photos, verification, etc.
  • Paid services: unlimited messaging, viewing private photos, priority customer support, high search ranking, etc.
  • Design: intuitive, user-friendly, clear
  • Safety measures: identity validation, SSL encryption, scam reporting is one of the few sugar daddy sites without meeting that operate in four English-speaking countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia. It takes only 2 minutes to join this site, and it features over 250k visits a month. Users can look for the best matches with the help of a search engine, and even paid services can be ordered when you need them since this site operates on a credit system.

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Ashley Madison

  • Costless access for:
  • Free features: sign-up, profile browsing, profile analytics
  • Paid services: unlimited chat, profile promotions, anonymous browsing, advanced search
  • Design: reserved, stylish, structured
  • Safety measures: SSL, anonymous browsing, encrypted data, scam prevention policies

Ashley Madison is one of the best sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting. It was designed for users who prioritize safety, discreetness, and anonymity in their affairs. Currently, the website boasts over 7 million members, 70% of which are males according to 

Even though the website has a paid membership for sugar babies as well, the set of advanced matchmaking tools, an active user pool, well-designed profiles, and a demand for sugar babies on Ashley Madison will help you find a sugar daddy for online only relationships in no time.

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  • Costless access for: sugar babies
  • Free features: sign-up, profile editing, advanced search, seeing visitors, customer support, hiding profile, etc.
  • Paid services: texting, private browsing, accessing secret albums, top positions in the search results, priority support, etc.
  • Design: modern, well-optimized, minimalistic
  • Safety measures: verification, SSL encryption, reports about suspicious members

With over 800k members, Luxurydate is a gooxd choice among sugar daddy websites without meeting. Being a pretty new platform in the sugar dating sphere, it features lots of advantages. There’s a giant user base with a high response rate and simple but quite informative profiles that include not only personal characteristics but also wishes. It’s free to access this site and use basic features, but premium services for any online sugar daddy no meet ups can be ordered only if he buys credits.



  • Costless access for: sugar babies, college students
  • Free features: sign-up, viewing other profiles, match suggestions, search tool, limited messaging, favorite list, etc.
  • Paid services: viewing private photos, hiding some profile details, reading receipts, unlimited messaging, seeing who viewed your profile, etc.
  • Design: well-structured, easy to navigate, light shades
  • Safety measures: user verification, SSL encryption, responsive customer support

Sugarbook is a popular representative of sugar daddy websites no meet up with around 700k members. It’s a legit platform where you can find the best matches using a search tool with many useful filters and getting suggestions based on your responses upon sign-up. There’s a special student program with free access as well as a downloadable Android app which is one of the most demanded sugar daddy apps without meeting.


  • Costless access for: sugar babies
  • Free features: advanced search, filtering, profile editing, verification, customer support chat, and liking profiles.
  • Paid services: communication via chat, meet-up arrangement, gift catalog, attachments in the chat, anon search.
  • Design: colorful, full of elements and features
  • Safety measures: SSL, verification

Around 36.3K visitors have gathered here, and most are guys, as the statistics say—which makes OurSecret a perfect sugar baby website without meeting that gives you the lowest level of competition around. 

Although the design itself is not that looky, you will find out a lot of options to help your first experience to be unforgettable: instant chat, gifts, tools like galleries, and advanced filtering to find your matches quickly. The website has a credit base, so you’re gonna paid for the use of the website, but it definitely worth it.



  • Costless access for: sugar babies
  • Free features: profile maintenance, viewing your guests, public gallery browsing, extended search, and filters use.
  • Paid services: chat, video chat, virtual gifts, emojis, and stickers.
  • Design: strict, reserved, easy-to-grasp
  • Safety measures: stern verification for babies and daddies

Over 700K users on one of the oldest sugar dating websites—it’s impossible not to find your online-only sponsor down here. Being free for you, SDM provides you with complete freedom: maintain your profile and adjust as you wish, tinker with your private gallery, send spicy messages to sugar daddies with the use of the witty templates, and filter through profiles to find dozen of matching profiles in a few seconds.

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  • Costless access for: sugar babies 
  • Free features: registration, profile viewing, search feature, making a list of favorites, seeing requests, etc.
  • Paid services: profile verification, making date offers, messaging, etc.
  • Design: auction style, intuitive user interface
  • Safety measures: verification, scam reports

Over 1 million people prefer this platform to other sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting. It’s not surprising since it’s good for any type of sugar relationship. Members can not only meet each other and chat there but also schedule dates. It’s probably the best variant of sugar baby websites without meeting since women make final decisions on this site, while men can only make bids to attract them.

What does an online only sugar baby mean?

As stated in the term, an online only sugar baby is a boy or girl who gets incentives in exchange for their companionship online with their sponsor. In other words, as an online sugar kid, you never meet up with your sugar sponsor (unless you want it) and still get paid. 

 sugar baby online
Online sugar baby

How to find a sugar daddy that doesn’t want to meet 

It only seems difficult to meet an online only sugar daddy, but when you join the right website, you’ll see what a simple procedure it is.

  1. Choose a website that lists sugar daddies without meeting

    Traditional sugar dating websites may be on this list too, since men can indicate this desire to communicate without real dates in profile information.

  2. Register an account there

    Only members can look through profiles of other users and communicate with them.

  3. Take advantage of the search tool

    Use necessary specifications, including the type of relationship you want to have with a potential sugar daddy.

  4. Browse accounts of daddies who seek distant relationships

    Look through their profile details, photos, and conclude who can be a good match for you.

  5. Send a message to a man you liked and ask about possible arrangements

    Take initiative and make steps towards potential sugar daddies to attract their attention and hook one.

How can you become an online only sugar baby?

Today, as people use to get what they want, simpler pleasures become even more sought-after than something hard-to-get. You can engage with online sugar daddies, but never meet them in person. And here is how you can become an online only sugar baby.

  • Use specialized dating sites for online sugar relationships. You won’t go for sugar relationships using the casual dating site—it’s simply unreasonable and hard to achieve. Instead, prefer sugar daddy websites without meeting like SugarDaddyMeet, where people seek various types of relationships: from win-win ones to something bolder.
  • Acknowledge your goals. Before looking for an online only sugar daddy, be sure that you can answer these questions: “How much do I wanna earn?” and “What am I ready to do for money?”. This will help you to form an “offer” to your daddy as well as understand your taboos.
  • Clarify your wants in your profile. When you’re there and your profile is nearly set, come back to your bio and be sure it states clearly what you want. A sugar daddy online only who comes to your profile will understand your intentions by reading them off from your bio.
  • Assemble an enchanting gallery. Sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting usually provide a gallery that helps you showcase your appearance. Prepare a set of your most alluring images and upload them to your profile to stand out.
  • Set up the filters to find sugar daddy online only profiles. Finally, don’t wait for a miracle to happen—act. If you’re using for your goals, you’re lucky to have an advanced search. Set filters for sugar daddy online no meeting only profiles, and enjoy having bags of your time saved.
sugar couple
Sugar couple

3 working tips to attract a sugar daddy online only

But how do you know whether you’re a sugar baby online only material? That’s easy, anyone can be a virtual sugar kid if they know the drill.

  1. Showcase your uniqueness. Using a sugar baby website without meeting, differentiate yourself from other sugar babies by showcasing your unique qualities. Take the time to understand what makes you special. Then emphasize those unique aspects in your profile. It can be your intelligence, sense of humor, specific talents, whatever. This way, you will attract sugar daddies who are genuinely intrigued by what you can give them.
  2. Be optimistic. A positive attitude can be incredibly attractive to sugar daddies. So, avoid negativity or excessive complaining in your online interactions. Instead, focus on showcasing your optimistic personality. Show your enthusiasm for life and the experiences you can share. By radiating positivity, you will attract real sugar daddies that pay for conversation and appreciate your positive presence in their lives.
  3. Be flexible. Effective communication is crucial in any relationship. So, be open and receptive to discussing expectations and desires with men on sugar daddy websites without meeting. Flexibility is also important as it demonstrates your willingness to adapt to their lifestyle. That is why you should be open-minded and willing to compromise when necessary.

How to behave with a sugar daddy to avoid real meetings

It’s important to know not only how to get a sugar daddy that only wants to talk but also how to chat and behave online not to go into real sugar dates.

Stay unpredictable

Did you find a sugar daddy meeting your preferences? If yes, stay charming but a bit unpredictable. Don’t let your relationships transform into a habit of chatting every evening or get messages every morning. Behave in a way not to create an attachment. Becoming too close to each other, such a man may want to meet you in real life. Regardless it’s a no-strings-attached arrangement, everything can happen. Being convinced that dates in person aren’t for you, stay seductive and partially cold in communication. Try to ignore his possible attempt to set a real meeting.

Sugar baby with online relationships
Sugar baby with online relationships

Treat him like a king to maintain his interest

Try to hold the conversation with a genuine interest, telling a sugar daddy he’s handsome, intriguing, and successful. Show your appreciation and use a secret seduction power. Get to know how to make him smile. When a man chats with a sugar lady for a long time, there’s a big chance he’ll want to move your relationships further. But when you refuse, he may lose interest. Considering this fact, do all your best to refresh your interaction. Send new alluring photos, change your dressing style, or upload seductive videos to your account. Talk about new hobbies or flirt with him. The more methods you try, the longer you’ll interact.

Be assertive

Communicating with a sugar daddy, don’t lose control in the relationships. Tell him if you’re interested in real dates from the beginning. When you’re honest but interact without pressure, you attract guys. Sugar daddies have a soft spot for straightforward and confident chicks because they value their time and energy.

Be a good actress

Young and alluring ladies like you become sugar babies basically to get an extra income. But for receiving an allowance from a provider without real meetings, you have to be an excellent actress. Act like you don’t need your sugar man or his money, but seducing him you make him please you. Staying incredibly tempting, open-minded, and positive, you have all the chances to get impressive cash from a sugar daddy even without real dates.

Agree on video calls

Additionally, be prepared to have video calls at least once a week. Yes, sugar daddy websites with just texting don’t require in-person meetings. Yet, sugar daddies may still request video chats to ensure you are a real girl. And refusing video calls consistently may raise suspicions of a scam. So, ensure you have a reliable Internet connection, present yourself well via video meetings, and be active in video conversations. This will demonstrate to a man that you are not a fake and show your commitment to building a genuine connection.

If you follow these tips, it will be easier for you to find how to find a sugar daddy that doesn`t want to meet. With these several tricks, you get everything you need without hurting anyone. Would you like to discover an ideal sugar partner who won`t lose interest after a few chats? Use these tips and succeed in online sugaring!

Online only sugar baby
Online only sugar baby

Why become an online sugar baby?

Sugar dating is quite a general term without any restrictions unless one of the interested and involved partners should desire so. Thus, much can be expected from a sugar baby, and meeting in person can be inevitable. However, it’s possible to meet a sugar daddy with no meeting standards, meaning that you can be dating online.

You just need to find such sugar daddy apps without meeting in-person requirements, and there you can find such sugar daddies, but is such a venture worth it? There are some great benefits of such dating:

  • It’s much safer when you can date online without a need to leave for somewhere, and thus, there’s no danger to worry about.
  • It doesn’t require you to have sex, as you’ll be far from each other, and for those not preferring intimate bonds, such an online relationship is a great solution.
  • Online sugar daddies with no meeting are willing to pay money for such distant dating, and thus, it’s about making easy money.

It’s hard to imagine a sugar daddy without the sugar baby by his side, but for some people, it’s more convenient and pleasant to have a great time online.

What does online only sugar daddy stand for?

You are unlikely to find a sugar baby website without meeting that is designed specifically for that type of relationship. Still, numerous sponsors are willing to pay you for online companionship. 

As you get from the title, an online-only (or cyber) sugar daddy means that in that sort of connection, both parties interact in an online-only manner without seeing each other in real life.

The philosophy of online-only relationships revolves around texting, video meets, media exchanges, and sometimes calls. An online only sugar baby can charge sugar daddy per hour of chat or require a monthly allowance.

Online sugar baby
Online sugar baby

Why does an online-only sugar daddy want to pay you?

You may be wondering what drives a sugar daddy to text only while also paying you an allowance. The thing is, sugar relationships are not always about being friends with benefits. You will be astonished to learn how many sugar daddies are married men, bored by insipid marriage without love or affection. Here are some of the motivations online-only sugar daddies may have when they reach out to offer a connection:

  • Looking for sexting with an attractive young woman to boost their confidence
  • Want to have fun chatting or slightly flirting with a young sugar baby
  • Seeking an affair that won’t harm their marriage 

But why would they want to pay someone to chat with them? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Financial rewards guarantee success in their striving to find a young, attractive woman
  • A decent allowance makes sure that a sugar baby has the motivation to play along as long as the sugar daddy wants 
  • Different allowance rates allow for broadening the horizons of services offered by sugar babies

How to stay safe when interacting with sugar daddy online

First of all, it is very important to stay safe when interacting with a sugar daddy online. You should protect your personal information and ensure your data remains secure.

  • Stay anonymous. Try to maintain anonymity until you establish trust with a virtual sugar daddy. Choose a username that doesn’t disclose your real name, and don’t share links that can easily identify you.
  • Use secure communication channels. Use encrypted messaging platforms that prioritize privacy and data protection. Look for a sugar baby website without meeting with end-to-end encryption to ensure your conversations are confidential. And never share information through unsecured channels or public Wi-Fi networks that may leave your data accessible to anyone.
  • Don’t send compromising photos. Never share explicit or compromising photos that can potentially be used against you. Notice every detail in your pictures, such as some landmarks or personal belongings. They can lead to revealing your location. So, be a sugar baby online only for him and send general images without any unnecessary information.


Alright, girls, as you can understand, it is important to establish clear boundaries within a sugar daddy relationship from the beginning. Some sugar daddy will likely be willing to agree to your terms, including not meeting in person. It is worth noting that many sugar daddies don’t seek sex from their sugar babies. And there are many sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting. This may sound unbelievable, but online sugar relationships can be a really enjoyable experience.


How to get a sugar daddy that only wants to talk?

To get a sugar daddy to text only, you want to sign up for one or several dedicated websites from our rating. Tell about the type of relationship you’re looking for in your profile. Some websites will also allow you to set a filter for sugar daddies who are seeking the same relationship type.

Are there sugar daddies that just want to talk?

Yes. Fed up by monotonous marriages or lacking romantic confidence, affluent guys are looking for a virtual companion to chat with. Not all of them would even ask you out for a virtual meeting. You can find these daddies on Ashley Madison, SugarBook, and OurSecret.

Are there real sugar daddies that pay for conversation?

Absolutely. Forbes released several stories of women who make money chatting with sugar daddies online. Their sponsors are only opting for a casual chat without flirting or sexting. On the websites from our rating, you will easily find a sugar daddy that matches your online-only preferences and taboos.

Can you be a sugar baby without giving sugar?

By all means, online-only babies can make a whopping allowance by simply chatting with daddies. If you are uncomfortable with sending risky images or carrying intimate conversations, you will still be able to thrive as a no-sugar baby.

How to find a sugar daddy with no strings attached?

By signing up on several of our top-rated sites, you have all chances to meet a no-strings-attached daddy. Simply register a profile, fill up your gallery with your most radiating pictures, and be sure to set out your terms and your unique offer in your profile. Then you can reach out to potential daddies or wait for them to write to you first.

How to get a sugar daddy without meeting?

A dedicated website will help you get a sugar daddy for online only connection. You only have to sign up for several domains like SugarBook or SugarDaddyMeet and create your sugar baby profile. Set a filter for your sugar daddies’ marital status and search for married or single sugar daddies. Pick several profiles and directly offer to be their paid companion and set out your terms.

Are sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting legal?

Yes, they are. These websites allow meeting a sugar daddy that only wants to talk and is ready to pay money for that. If both parties agree to interact according to these conditions, it’s a legal deal between two people. Apps that send money without meeting aim at providing assistance to those who want to interact online and get mutual benefit from that.

Are there sugar daddies that just want to talk?

Yes, there are. There are men who want to interact with a sugar baby online only and reward her for that. The majority of these sugar daddies join online sites because they lack communication with attractive young women in real life. Naturally, these men may have some extraordinary requests and give money only if girls agree to fulfill them in reality, but all points of such relationships are negotiable.

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