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We`re looking for enthusiastic professionals in certain fields of website development. If you`re interested in any of these vacancies, please contact us via!

Net Software Developer

  • Job type: full-time.
  • Number of people needed for hiring: 2
  • Qualifications: computer science degree (preferred), coding, programming languages (mainly Java and C#), ASP.NET MVC, time-management, databases, preferred experience within the field.
  • Responsibilities: designing software, corresponding implementation and further development of the systems, support of software projects (fixing bugs etc.)

Research and Development Scientist

  • Job type: part-time/full-time.
  • The number of people needed for hiring: 1-2
  • Qualifications: bachelor`s degree in technical communications/clinical research (preferred), critical thinking skills, advanced mathematics courses, basic time-management, experience in the field preferred.
  • Responsibilities: conducting research on demographic topics about Australia, writing research reports, staying up-to-date on the newest developments, supervising.

Web Designer

  • Job type: full-time.
  • The amount of vacancies for this job: 1
  • Qualifications: 2+ years of work experience, knowledge of ACC, HTML, Photoshop, FIGMA, and Javascript, relevant portfolio with recent tasks, UI/UX knowledge, high time-management.
  • Responsibilities: creating web designs, producing sample platforms, keeping up with recent technological inventions in software, adequately receiving feedback, developing skills in using HTML and Java, digital retouch/editing. (May include the risk of close deadlines, so extra working hours are possible.)

IT Support Analyst

  • Job type: part-time.
  • The number of people needed for hiring: 1-2
  • Qualifications: courses in ICT professional competence (preferred), basic IT skills, advanced knowledge in latest IT and software developments, excellent time-management, preferred experience in the field.
  • Responsibilities: testing/modifying/presenting systems, translating requirements into specified project drafts, assessing solutions for technical/business sustainability, keeping the website up-to-date with the newest software patches.

Content Manager

  • Job type: full-time.
  • The number of vacancies available: 1-2
  • Qualifications: bachelor`s degree in Journalism/Media Studies, HTML knowledge, knowing how to work with SEO and CMS, 1+ year of work experience, understanding of sugar dating content and online dating websites, understanding marketing personas, UI/UX design, great time-management, and teamwork skills.
  • Responsibilities: overseeing the organization, planning, creation, and publishing of all content posted on the website, team working with web designers and content writers, strong leadership in the team, developing content valuable for the desired audience.


  • Job type: full-time.
  • The number of people needed: 2-3.
  • Qualifications: advanced English knowledge, work experience in the writing field (preferred), time-management skills, HTML and SEO knowledge.
  • Responsibilities: proofreading the content for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, checking texts for readability and style required, rearranging sentences/paragraphs in the existing content for quality improvement, verifying demographics and facts mentioned in the texts.

Content Writer

  • Job type: full-time.
  • The amount of vacancies available: 3-4.
  • Qualifications: high school/courses/bachelor`s degree (preferred), work experience in creative writing, knowledge on sugar dating and online dating websites, time-management skills and knowledge of SEO and basic HTML.
  • Responsibilities: creating new unique content about the sugar dating world in Australia and worldwide, working with a team of writers, editors, and web-designers, supporting and modifying written content, writing blog articles, doing deep research on specific topics.
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