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How to Determine an Allowance for Your Sugar Baby?

On average, sugar babies earn from $1,000 to $5,000 monthly with the most common allowance being $3,000. But how to determine how much she deserves? It is a crucial question for a sugar relationship as its core is the financial aspect.

So here are five questions that you should ask yourself (and then some of them – your sugar babe) before you negotiate the monthly allowance.

#1. How much are you ready to pay?

When handling a sugar baby, the first thing you need to do is to set priorities. Is spending time with a lady is a most important thing for you, the top investment? If not, better keep your money for something more perspective like a business, real estate or securities.

Anyway, make sure that when hanging around with a girl you do not spend the fortunes on her. Some sugar babies are very demanding when it comes to rewarding their work, so be meticulous when choosing a lady. She has to match your financial possibilities and status.

Also, bear in mind that some ladies may turn out to be gold-diggers, so when you prioritize a relationship with a sugar babe, you may lose it all.

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#2. How much time do you want her to be with you?

The reward of a sugar baby highly depends on the amount of her time she is ready to dedicate to you. Ask both yourself and her whether she is going to share with you most of her time or she is going to be only a side entertainer for you.

Apparently, the more you need her to be with you, the more you will have to offer her.

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#3. Is she classy?

A sugar babe with a degree in Psychology will definitely demand more than a high-school graduate. And she has the right to do so, just because she is intelligent and you will get a sweet interlocutor, not a mere doll.

Services of a smart lady with high-class manners are worth even more than $5,000 per month as in public she will be the reflection of your status and power. So if you want to invest in your image, do not be greedy to pay for the work of a top-class sugar baby.

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#4. Have you considered beauty standards?

Well, some people may think that thin girls with modeling bodies are the best, but you need to set your own expectations of your sugar babe’s fitness and curviness, hence, pay accordingly. If you want her to look even better than she already does, be ready to pile into her. Your sugar babe’s beauty is your image and your pleasure.

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#5. Have you thought about sex?

It is no secret that sugar daddies resort to services of sugar babies for intimate reasons. When it comes to rewarding, the rule here is obvious – the more you want, the more you will have to give. And it’s not about quantity only, but about the quality too – is she ready for experiments? That’s it.

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