More and more people in Australia decide that they want to get distant from the eternal idea of perfect love and live for their pleasure these days. Meeting this demand, such thing as mutually beneficial relationship appeared, most Australians know it under the name of ‘sugar dating online’. This term is widely used and recognisable, so if you say it to someone, there are high chances that you will be understood in a single particular way. Usually, it defines a relationship where both partners can be helpful to each other, and this interaction very often includes one wealthy sugar daddy.

5 Australian sugar daddy dating sites & apps

  • 🔥SecretBenefits — best site to meet sugar babies and Australian sugar daddies with a more streamlined and modern look than many of its competitors
  • AshleyMadison — unique dating platform for sugar daddies Australia and sugar babies that offers discreet relationships and extramarital affairs
  • 🔥 — ultimate Australian sugar platform to meet sugar daddies who enjoy spoiling their sugar babies
  • AdultFriendFinder — especially good for sugar babies and sugar daddies who have particular tastes, such as a flair for exhibitionism or a BDSM kink
  • CougarPourMoi — mostly for cougars and cubs, but sugar daddies and sugar babies can also be found on the site

Want to experience a luxury relationship with a hot sugar baby? Then it’s time to become a successful Australian sugar daddy! Care to learn a more precise sugar daddy dating definition? – Yes, it is a so-called «paid» alliance, yet both man and woman in it reach their goals and benefit from their cooperation.

Sugar daddy dating in Australia doesn’t mean prostitution, as somebody may think. However, sex can also be a part of it in case both partners agree on that, but it is personal stuff.

sugar daddy with his sugar baby on vacation
Sugar daddy with baby on vacation

Whatever we call it, many ladies all over the globe tend to look for rich men to help them and support financially. But what is a sugar daddy dating definition?

Best Sugar Daddy Sites Australia Overview

Not every website for sugar daddies Australia is the same. And we will explain what makes Australian sugar daddy websites unique.


  • Number of monthly visits: 8.8 million
  • Benefits: user verification, advanced searching, high response rate

Secret Benefits is an online platform to find a sugar daddy from a vast number of users. It was established in 2015, and the current audience of this sugar daddy site exceeds 13 million. Members can sign up for this site for free, make their profiles appealing, and even seek matches without going premium. However, when a wealthy user decides to send a message or impress a girl with a virtual gift, he should get credits by paying money for them.

  • Number of monthly visits: 1 million
  • Benefits: convenient user interface, different security features, free and easy start

A large number of sugar daddies from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia are finding model-like girls on the website. It has a wide selection of features divided into free and paid ones. Members can create secret albums, hide members, like profiles, and do lots of other things for free. There are also special features like message boosts, secret browsing, unlimited conversations, and more.


  • Number of monthly visits: over 55 million
  • Benefits: good for all lifestyles and relationships, live streams, a separate blogging community

It started back in 1996. The site became one of the most visited Australian sugar daddy sites in 2007. It is like a one-stop solution for all the dating problems people face. There are more than 50 million people around the world using AdultFriendFinder. Even with a free membership, you can still use the website and look for sugar babies or sugar daddies online.


  • Number of monthly visits: 20 million
  • Benefits: advanced anonymity and discrete nature, downloadable iOS and Android sugar daddy app Australia, panic button

AshleyMadison is an incredibly highly-visited site to get a sugar daddy online. The registration process is easy and fast. Then, you can browse profiles and seek successful benefactors. There are many ways to remain private on this site: blur your photos, avoid verification, and make photos private. There are great advanced options like virtual gifts, text exchange, and priority highlighted messages as well.


  • Number of monthly visits: 40k
  • Benefits: strict user verification, free messaging for new members, advanced search engine

Sugarbook is a sugar dating platform gaining popularity that offers pretty girls an opportunity to meet a sugar daddy in Australia quickly and safely. This website is free to register, start messaging, and add users to favorites. Premium features can be used only when you buy a monthly subscription. Getting it will open advanced search filters, the option to hide your online status, unlimited messaging, read receipts notifications, and much more.


  • Number of monthly visits: 54k
  • Benefits: bidding system, women choose men, very fast registration

Whatsyourprice is an excellent choice of an online destination where sugar daddies from Australia try to win a date with real beauty by placing bids. They’re offered to buy credits and try to attract women’s attention by bidding more than others. The site offers many interesting features to members, including seeing who visited your profile, making lists of favorites, sending private photos, an

To put it simply, sugar daddies from Australia opt for a so-called «paid» alliance, when both a man and a woman involved reach their goals and benefit from their cooperation. Sugar daddy dating in Australia doesn’t mean prostitution, as somebody may think. However, sex can also be a part of it if both partners agree on it, but it is personal stuff.

What is sugar dating—a brief definition

Trending sugar daddy websites in Australia treat the notion of sugar dating as a form of a traditional relationship with a modern twist to it. The union is based upon a mutually defined contract where each partner has a role to play, and everyone gets what they look for. There are rarely emotional bonds involved, although there are cases when sugar dating transforms into a serious romantic affair that can lead to marriage.

Among the benefits that sugar union is packed with can be named the possibility to date other people at the same time. Some sugar daddies or babies are monogamous, while others prefer multiple partners. You can find a sugar daddy that suits your likes and preferences most since the variety of options in Australia is immense.

Who is a Sugar Daddy?

We can try to draw a portrait of an average sugar daddy, but there can be a lot of exceptions.

Generally, it is a man, usually very wealthy, who wants to find himself a girl to spend leisure time with. A Sugar Daddy is rich and doesn’t hide it. On the contrary, he can afford a lot and is ready to share it with a sugar baby.

Despite the existing stereotypes, a sugar daddy isn’t always old and ugly. Although this age misunderstanding can be explained quite simply: a person who is in such prosperity must have been saving money for a long time. But it is not true in our days as there are various ways to earn money easy and fast, and those who managed to do that have become millionaires being a little more than 30 years old.

Acprogus Profile image 1
Acprogus Profile image 2
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Acprogus, 50
Sydney, South West
Ben_Around Profile image 1
Ben_Around Profile image 2
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Do you want to watch?
Ben_Around, 43
Sydney, Australia
Soccerfire Profile image 1
Soccerfire Profile image 2
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Do you want to watch?
Soccerfire, 30
Popeyeforfun Profile image 1
Popeyeforfun Profile image 2
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Popeyeforfun, 51
Sydney, South West
Casual Fun 36 Profile image 1
Casual Fun 36 Profile image 2
Casual Fun 36 Profile image 3
Casual Fun 36 Profile image 4
Casual Fun 36 has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Casual Fun 36, 45
Sydney, South West, Australia
W140 Profile image 1
W140 Profile image 2
W140 has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
W140, 50
More profiles

Those gentlemen who want to «buy» girl’s attention and company aren’t necessarily unattractive — it is just another stereotypes. It is not the motivation to financially support people. Dishonest greed for money, hidden under a fake interest in his personality, can be shown by anybody. If a sugar daddy looks for a lady, he must have a real reason for that.

How to find sugar daddy on a sugar dating website?

Finding a sugar daddy online is not difficult. Here is what you need to check in his account:

  1. Relevant hashtags.

    Sugar daddies use hashtags like #SugarDaddy or #SugarArrangement.

  2. What they write in the profile header.

    Look for profiles that mention words like “generous,” “mutually beneficial,” or something like that. These terms show a user is open to a sugar relationship.

  3. If they invest time into creating detailed profiles.

     Real sugar daddies can write more information about themselves and their interests to attract beautiful girls.

  4. Consistent online presence.

    An active presence on the sugar daddy website suggests their real interest in finding someone.

  5. Comments under photos.

    Check if beautiful girls comment on a sugar daddy’s photos, maybe even confessing their gratitude for what he does for them.

What are the types of sugar daddies?

Of course, there are many things in common among sugar daddies, but there also are many differences. It may sound strange, but the types of sugar daddies do exist. The Urban Dictionary has even created the definition for the different types of sugar daddies:

  • The Splenda Daddy: is a man who promises sugar baby to give her lots of cash and bring gifts, but in fact, he is limited in money. Sugar babies should expect to have only the basics of sugar relationships.
  • Sugar Daddy: this is a classic sugar daddy, who makes no excuses and goes by his weekly or monthly plan. The Sugar Daddy will pay your bills monthly and will give you a certain amount of money every month, but don’t expect to get more.
  • Honey Daddy: this is the type of man who is super-wealthy and makes sugar babies expensive gifts. Honey Daddies may have multiple sugar partners and spend an unlimited amount of money on their sugar babies.

There are plenty of different types of sugar daddies on the sugar dating app in Australia. You may even note what type of sugar daddies you look for on your profile. This way, you will get the type of sugar relationship you want from the start.

There are 57,000 sugar daddies signed up on the sugar daddy dating websites. This means there are many more sugar daddies who look for young and beautiful companions in Australia right now. You can easily find sugar daddy Australia to your taste if you will decide on the type of sugar relationship you need.

Sugar baby sugar daddy relationships
Sugar baby with his sugar daddy

Who is a sugar daddy in Australia?

Sugar daddies in Australia are at their prime, yet not all the people are equally familiarized with the notion and may not even realize they’re being sugar daddies. So, what is a sugar daddy or, rather—who? While the term is relatively fresh, the notion has existed throughout the centuries. The person who presents himself as a sugar daddy is financially stable and confident.

Most Australian sugar daddies are well-cared for and willing to have a worthy company by their sides. A companion that most men seek is a young and beautiful girl or boy, depending on your preferences. There are no taboos when it comes to sugar dating.

Sugar daddies online seek babies to spend some quality time with, including sexual encounters, in exchange for financial favors. In the majority of cases, they are at least 20–25 years older than the babies they end up with. But the age gap doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the relationship, since both parties are agreed on it by default.

Main perks of sugar daddy dating in Australia

Many young women are willing to find a sugar daddy in Australia. The number of daddies who wish to find sugar babies Australia may be even greater. Yet, some stereotypes or misleading information stop them from diving right into the ocean of opportunities. The better you’re familiar with the advantages that local sugar daddies and babies can bring into your life, the sooner you’ll make up your mind.

find sugar daddy or baby online
Infographics: How to find sugar daddy or baby online


An average Australian sugar daddy would enjoy the type of relationship since there’s no negativity involved. There’s no room for jealousy or constant nagging about some mundane matters. Both partners are equals in the relationship, and you can end the union at any time you see fit without breaking one another’s heart. You can be yourself and watch the other person take you for who you are. There’s no need to put a mask on or pretend constantly.


Sugar daddy dating in Australia is all about honesty and transparency. You set the rules and boundaries that no one has the right to step over. Both partners have their expectations and priorities that are met by the involved party. Such a mutual understanding makes the journey twice as pleasant, since you don’t need to hint about what you want or need. You can say it out loud with no shame or fear involved.

Financial freedom of sugar daddy

There are sugar babies who join sugar dating sites in Australia with a hasty thought—”I need a sugar daddy ASAP since my rent is overdue”. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, since sugar dating is all about financial support for the sugar baby. You may need to pay for college, rent, or exotic vacation—you name it, and there’ll be an online sugar daddy willing to help you out.

Australian Sugar Daddies Dating Cities

Sugar relationships are popular in almost all countries of the world. Australia is a huge country where you can find a sugar daddy Australia, sugar baby, and sugar mommy. However, there are few cities where sugar dating is the most widespread.

  • Adelaide sugar dating: There are lots of locations in Adelaide where sugar babies meet with their sugar daddies. Sometimes sugar daddies prefer meetings in quiet and exquisite restaurants, and sometimes they invite sugar babies to loud parties. If the sugar daddy has the mood for a calm and chic date, he would likely ask his companion on the date to the Arkhe or 2KW restaurant. If the sugar daddy is in the mood for having fun, you will likely visit the Hellbound or Hains and Co bar.
  • Sydney sugar dating: Are you interested in places where most sugar daddies have dates? Lucky for you, we have gathered top places for a great meeting. If your sugar daddy online has invited you to the restaurant, be sure it will be one of the best: Beckett’s, Big Poppa’s, or Mercado. If the sugar daddy has told you that the data is going to be fun, be sure that you will visit the Entertainment park.
  • Melbourne sugar dating: If your sugar daddy online seems to be a distinguished gentleman, be ready to spend time in one of Melbourne’s restaurants: Attica, Ides, Minamishima, and Matilda. Having a date in one of the restaurants, you will eat the best dishes on the menu, as sugar daddies don’t like to save money on dates. All that is needed from you – is to look astonishing!
  • Canberra sugar dating: There are many romantic places where sugar relationships take place. If you have never visited the Canberra Outdoor cinema, be sure you will enjoy the movie with your sugar daddy one time there. There is nothing better than visiting the exquisite Aubergine Restaurant together. The restaurant suggests the tastiest dishes in the city. Don’t forget to propose one of the ideas to your sugar daddy if you will be puzzled over the location.
  • Perth sugar dating: Sugar daddy relationships are not limited to the romantic days at the restaurants and the art galleries. Sugar daddies also like the active type of dates, and there are lots of things to do in Perth. My favorite activity in Australia is surfing. Scarborough Beach is perfect for surfing, that is why I take your desks and choose the best swimming suit. Adults also like having fun, and Adventure World entertainment park is one of the best locations.
  • Brisbane sugar dating: Sugar daddies have their perfect places to relax in Brisbane, but sometimes they need a beautiful companion. One of the most popular locations for sugar dates is Cenote Casa Bathhouse. You can swim in the pool, enjoy the spa, and have tasty dishes with your sugar partner there. Sugar daddies who like culture will take you to the Brisbane Powerhouse or QPAC.
  • Gold Cost sugar dating: If your daddy seems to like luxury leisure, through a sugar dating website, you will likely have dinner at the Gondolas of the Gold Coast. It is a great alternative to the two-week cruise. Your sugar partner is an animal lover? Suggest him to visit the Mountview Alpaca Farm. You can have a tasty dinner and spend fun times with the cute alpacas there.
young sugar baby
Attractive sugar baby

How much should you pay as a sugar daddy in Australia?

The costs can vary a lot. But to give you an idea, monthly allowances can range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more, and pay-per-meet arrangements are around $100 to $500 for each meeting. Here are some things to consider:

  • Type of payment. A sugar daddy Australia either pays for each date (pay per meet) or gives a monthly allowance to his sugar baby.
  • Frequency of dates. How often you date your sugar baby can affect the cost.
  • Type of relationship. Whether a relationship is more about being close or just being friends can also play a role. Remember, sugar dating isn’t sex work. When sugar babies find sugar daddy Australia, they still can choose if they want to be in intimate relationships.
  • Sugar baby’s qualities. How the sugar baby looks, their education level, and their behavior can influence the price.

Sugar dating site are popular in Australia for a variety of reasons:

  • Firstly, these sites offer a convenient platform for sugar daddies and babies to connect and explore exciting arrangements.
  • Secondly, finding the perfect match becomes a playful treasure hunt, as sites have features like verified profiles, advanced search options, etc.
  • And thirdly, the top sugar daddy websites and sites foster a supportive community where like-minded people can share their experiences.

How to avoid scam on Australian sugar daddy website?

Even if you join one of the best sugar daddy sites, it’s not a guarantee that you’re fully secure from scammers. Of course, the chances to meet fraudsters on such a sugar daddy site are lower, but it’s still important to know how to avoid scams to protect yourself.

  • Never reveal your sensitive data, financial information, and content or facts that can be a reason to blackmail you;
  • Be extra suspicious if you’re offered money or free gifts for doing nothing by strangers;
  • Join sites with a good moderation system, user verification, and scam reports due to their better security;
  • Don’t follow any links you receive in messages;
  • Spend the first date in a public place and run away if you’re offered to sign any contracts!

Stereotypes about sugar dating

As the topic is controversial, there are a lot of myths around it. People who are not ready for such kind of interaction might have and spread different rumors, which are obviously not true.

As sugar daddy dating doesn’t involve emotional attachment, it seems strange and wrong, but only for those who don’t have a clue on what it actually is. So, here are some myths about sugar dating. Busted.

Sugar daddies are old and ugly

We have already covered that issue, but ready to repeat once again: no, they are regular people, and they are free to spend their money any way they want. Sometimes established men don’t want to get themselves into romantic relations, so sugar dating is a real option for them. The level of income doesn’t define man’s attractiveness in any way, neither positive nor negative. It is all up to the tastes who you choose.

Sugar daddies are millionaires

The stereotype that sugar daddies lead super-rich lives, surrounded by luxury cars, mansions, and expensive things doesn’t always reflect reality. The concept of sugar dating Australia and such relationships vary widely. Some sugar daddies are just financially comfortable, but not necessarily millionaires. Moreover, they can support their sugar babies in ways that go beyond material possessions. For example, it can be providing emotional support, mentorship, or helping with education or career goals.

Sugar dating is prostitution

Mutually beneficial relations have nothing to do with such business. If a woman is ready to tell the price for her company, it doesn’t mean that she is selling something extra. If two adult, sane people are aware of all the details and consequences and want to include sex in their agreement, it is their own decision.

The main points of agreement are usually far from physical contact. Mainly, the focus is on the company — this is what an average sugar daddy looks for. Whether it is a woman to escort him at some important events or just a girl he will spend his leisure time with, it all comes to the idea of a person who is ready to be around.

Sugar dating doesn’t last for longer than a couple of months or even weeks

As far as there are no obligations, sugar dating is very fast to fall — that’s what people think. But it depends on many factors.

It can be the wrong match. You see each other, try going out a couple of times, but then understand that you are not suitable for each other. After all, you discuss the terms of your relationship and know that you are together as long as it is acceptable, so it is not a problem to break up any time you need.

It can be the obstacles appearing with times. Values and conditions may change, and you never know what waits for you in a few years time. Being aware of the potential changes is wise, so this reason to break the couple is not a shame.

Young sugar baby and rich daddy
Young sugar baby and rich daddy

And, after all, it can be your real destiny! There really are many stories when a sugar daddy finally falls in love with his sugar babe, and it is completely mutual. It may sound like a fairytale, but if you ask real people, you can make sure that such happy endings do happen in real life. You can read the stories on the Internet and see how they end up with marriage and «they lived happily ever after».

Even if it doesn’t end up with creating a family, sugar dating still can last long if the partners are interesting to each other. Some alliances can go on for years just because people get used to their
sugar dates , and if it is suitable for each of them, why not let it be?

Why do people go Sugar Dating Australia

Let’s talk about the reasons now. You may wonder why someone would want to pay for another person, or how a woman can trust someone for money. Well, the situations differ, and it is hard to predict it in each separate case, but let’s try to highlight the main tendencies.


As for the ladies, they may have different troubles in life. A relative’s hard disease, debts and other problems that force them to seek help elsewhere. Not everybody can afford to cover those financial issues, and if double or triple employment is not an option, they start looking for a sugar daddy. This was they don’t do anything illegal and get the support they were looking for, giving what they can.

A wish for the better

Not everyone’s fate is so tragic, and sometimes girls just want to have higher standards of living. You can’t blame one if they want to get rid of the routine they have and have some wonderful adventure in their life. If they agree on the price, it is their free will, it is honest, and it is beneficial, so why not? The fact that emotional aspect is absent doesn’t mean that the whole thing is immoral. As long as it is suitable for the two, it is alright. Finally, it is their private life, so who are the others to judge?

Pure interest

Sometimes it is just sincere curiosity that leads people to such a relationship. A lady’s life may actually be alright, but who would refuse a man to pay the bills? After all, it is another pleasant impression and a good chance for great time spent. As for the male seeing of that, it can also be the reason for men to go into such relations. Men who have all the necessary resources to support a woman, bring some fun into her routine and simply change the regular disrupted life of hers.

The capability

It may appear that a man wants to share. He can buy anything, but he just wants a company, and, in addition to that he can make someone happy, so why not? This ability and readiness to say «yes» to someone’s request and agree to the terms which may be very easy for an established man can add some interesting twists to his life script. Again, it is just another way to entertain himself — as well as somebody else.

What do sugar daddies gain from the relationship?

First things first, the chances to meet sugar daddies who aren’t fully satisfied with having a young sugar baby at their sides are slim. Yet, there are other benefits that sugar daddy dating in Australia point out.

  • New experience. If you haven’t been involved in this type of relationship before, the thrill of a new adventure is accelerating. It’s like getting back to your 20’s, and the feelings are truly indescribable.
  • Predictability. Sugar dating is the sole type of involvement when you can predict how every day will go. You set a date, plan it, and the partner follows the plan with potential minor alterations that you agree upon.
  • Convenience. When any sugar baby starts to wonder how to get a sugar daddy in Australia, she’s ready to comply with him in every way discussed. So, you don’t have to worry about unexpected calls when you’re with the family or scenes because you didn’t turn out the night before. The pre-discussed schedule favors both parties. This is something that no other involvement can offer.
  • Youthful energy. When sugar babies get a sugar daddy, such a man feels more lively and youthful. He enjoys activities and experiences that make him feel younger. It can be going to trendy places or trying new things. It all increases a feeling of happiness.
  • Boosting self-esteem and self-worth.Even if a sugar baby just chats with a sugar daddy online, the attention and companionship from younger women can make him believe he is still attractive and desirable. This boost in self-esteem can positively impact your overall outlook on life and relationships with others.

Where do you look for a Sugar Date?

If you decide to find a sugar daddy in Australia, there are two main routes to take. You can either seek a date offline, or you can go online. The easiest way to find your significant other is on special sugar daddy sites. The chances of meeting a reliable and trustworthy sugar daddy in Australia out in the streets are slim. At the same time, the range of sugar daddy dating websites available in Australia is growing by the day. Most of the globally known platforms are already available in the country

Sugar daddy and sugar baby
Sugar daddy and sugar baby


Finally, a sugar daddy phenomenon is gaining momentum. You can try this yourself because the society seems to accept it more and more and, who knows, maybe it is the future concept of human interaction — a fair exchange with no emotional factor involved. Whatever it will be, sugar daddy and sugar babes feel perfectly fine in a modern world and enjoy everything their lives can bring. Maybe you can try to swell the ranks of these happy people?


How to find a sugar daddy Australia?

The easiest way to find an Australian sugar daddy is to register a profile on a sugar dating site. Then, use a search tool to enter the location and other specifications about potential matches. Discover men who can become your rich companions and communicate with them!

What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is an established and high-earning man who wants to start extra-marital, mutually beneficial or NSA relationships with a much younger girl and enjoy time with her on dates.

How to tell if a sugar daddy is real online?

Some websites verify their members’ identities or/and their income. If you communicate with a non-verified member, you can ask more questions and try to figure out his identity to check it online.

How to find a rich sugar daddy?

If you want to meet a wealthy companion online, you can set the desired income amount and sort out the men applying this filter. If any of them appeals to you, initiate communication and try to interest this man.

How to talk to a sugar daddy?

There are several tips to keep in mind when you talk to a sugar daddy. Naturally, you should start with greetings, introduce yourself, and keep his attention by asking questions and trying to learn him better. It’s great to make him smile by telling funny jokes and finding common interests too. The main thing is to look outstanding among others and discover those topics that a potential suitor will appreciate.

How do sugar daddy scams work?

Some users admit to being scam victims when they join sugar dating sites. Male fraudsters may pretend to be prosperous but earn not so much in real life. They invite sugar babies on dates and never pay them. Female fraudsters may ask for allowance in advance and also skip real dates. Such and many other types of dating scams can be faced on sugar dating sites.

What’s the best site for sugar daddies in Australia?

It is SecretBenefits. There are many wealthy sugar daddies and attractive sugar babies on the site. The site has many features to make your experience awesome. You can have private photo albums, and there is a way to ensure users are real. You chat with others in real time, and there is customer support to help you out if something goes wrong. It also works well on the phone. And don’t worry about spending too much money. The site is pretty affordable.

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