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Some girls would rather drop dead than formulate a sentence with the money request from their wealthy sugar daddies. Are you one of those who rack your brains with the question of how to ask your sugar daddy for money? Every sugar babe faces this problem, and you’re not alone. The majority of women aren’t used to asking males for money, even when they’re close people like husbands or dads. However, if you can prepare for this talk with the professional advice given below, you’ll get the desired amount with a minimum of stress!

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Should you raise the question of reasonable money to ask from sugar daddy?

You’ll agree that successful and experienced sugar babies don’t have a necessity to ask their sweet daddies for money at all. These are males who bring up this topic and want to know the amount by themselves. If you want to become one of such babes, pay more attention to your online presence and advertising. It’s important to keep your standards high and never grab the first man to contact you online. It’s you who should select a daddy, not vice versa. Probably, with such an attitude, you’ll definitely get an offer and won’t ever think about how to get money from a sugar daddy again.

Should you raise the question of reasonable money

5 tips on how to ask your sugar daddy for money or an allowance

If your daddy doesn’t hurry to reward you for great companionship, it’s time to undertake some actions. Here are several pieces of advice on how to incentivize a daddy to make a suggestion or how to ask a direct question by yourself.

Work on establishing a close connection between you

Before thinking about how to ask sugar daddy for money, it’s vital to attract your daddy and build a connection with him. You should ask questions about his interests, values, desires, and expectations to meet them. It’ll make your sugar daddy respect and appreciate you more, as well as provoke him to do the same towards you too. Probably, he’ll come up with the idea to discuss your allowance and will initiate this talk himself.

Clarify your personal requirements in a soft manner

Some males don’t notice girls’ natural requirements and desires since they can afford almost everything and take it for granted. Therefore, you should explain to your companion what you want and that you need to look perfect next to him at events or dates. You should present this information like it’s important for him to make you look gorgeous, not you. Try to be a lovely kitten that requires care and a small investment, and your prosperous male will fulfill all your wishes!

Prepare a speech and practice it

If hints and tricks appear to be useless, it’s time to make a plan on how to ask your sugar daddy for money. Decide what you’ll say, in what way, and have a practice in front of the mirror to sound more confident and convincing. Provide reasons why this financial support is important for you too!

Express your desired amount directly and loudly

Continue your speech by pronouncing the reasonable money you want to ask from sugar daddy clearly. Be direct and fearless! If he sees even a hint of doubt in your eyes, your daddy may try to negotiate this amount to make it less, so it’ll be difficult to get what you want. Some ladies can’t say that directly, so they may write down the number on a napkin, for example, and state it a little higher to be discussed!

How To Ask Sugar Daddy For Money

Post a preferred amount on a sugar dating website and encourage him to check it

You can inform your potential daddy about the desired allowance at the early stages of communication since sugar baby profiles can include the preferred amount too. Even if you have already dated your daddy several times and plan to ask him about support, edit your profile and add the sum before this talk. On X day, you may initiate the conversation and ask him to check your account for more details! Be confident, as if a man likes you, he’ll definitely do that!


These tips on how to ask for money from your sugar daddy have already worked for numerous girls, so you shouldn’t doubt their efficiency! Work on yourself, and you’ll reach the number-one goal!

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