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As long as you are searching for a fair relationship, you put honesty in the first place. Yes, it is a reasonable demand, and waiting for your partner to speak clearly about what he or she expects from your interaction truly eases the communication process and life all in all. However, it is not that simple to find the one who will be ready to support you in your views, and, what’s more, will speak out about the needs, tastes, and demands for the relationship.

For those deeds sugar daddy dating sites were created. They are platforms where you can find a beautiful young lady to make you a company when needed or a rich, handsome man who you want to follow. These sites welcome both male and female users and help you to find a couple which will be your perfect match.

Talking about this kind of sites, is among those available in Australia, so let’s make up a review to look through its strengths and weaknesses. – Users Reviews Analysis

When looking for the best platform for finding a sugar partner, it might be useful to examine the pros and cons of popular websites to select the most reliable option.  To assist you with this task, we have analyzed SugarDaddie reviews to outline what makes this service stand out among the rest.

While this dating site has an extensive profile catalog, users mention that some profiles don’t have photos, which makes it more difficult to find the right partner.  However, if you remain active and send a lot of messages, you may find a sugar baby who will meet all your requirements.

Some women complain that they need to pay for a subscription to send messages but this allows the platform to minimize the number of fake profiles and verify registered users. To use the platform, you need to indicate your payment details.

👥  User baseThere are a lot of women who register on this platform to find a sugar daddy. However, due to some privacy concerns, not all of them provide detailed information about themselves. To check whether a user talks to a real person, they might need to ask them to send a selfie. Besides, some men also avoid uploading real pictures, which makes it difficult for ladies to find a sugar partner online.
📲 FunctionalityThe site has a convenient search catalog with useful filters, which allows you to narrow down the search results. Users can report people who provide false information about themselves.
🔒 VerificationIt might take several days for the team to verify your photos and approve profile. Profiles with pictures get more attention from other users since they are considered to be more trustworthy.
🧑‍💻 User activityWhile some users manage to land the first date quite quickly, others might wait for days until their messages get opened. Not all ladies answer quickly. It might be especially difficult to contact a woman with a popular profile.
SugarDaddie users reviews analysis
SugarDaddie users review
Source: Sitejabber
SugarDaddie users review
Source: Sitejabber

About SugarDaddie

The site has been working for almost 15 years up to now, and it can boast of being among the original dating sugar daddy sites. The service this site provides has satisfied a lot of couples, and as it is still going on you can see that people do trust this team and continue to use the provided offers. was on track when the whole idea of a mutually beneficial relationship had come out, and, taking advantage of little competition, but big demand, easily took the lead. review


The general appearance and design of the site may seem a little bit outdated, but it has a reason. As it has already been stated, the site has worked for more than a decade, and it has its print on what it looks like. However, it is still pleasant to look at, and the navigation is simple.

You can understand how to use the site from the first couple of clicks, so the registration process also won’t take long. Although doesn’t have a special mobile app as modern sited do, the design is still mobile-friendly so that you can use it from your phone with no difficulties. The interface stays the same, and the mobile version is more than convenient.

Search on SugarDaddie
Search on SugarDaddie

As the site offers not so many functions — only those that you need — it is very easy to use and absolutely justifies the time and money you spend on it.


The procedure of setting your own profile is simple and fast. Putting in your name, email address and a couple of more details, you can have an account and start looking through the profiles.

Sugardaddies registration
SugarDaddies registration

It is free for all members, and after making yourself a page on the site, you can start looking for a partner right away. You don’t need to pay any money to wander through the list of offered pages, so you can actually compare and choose who you like more before getting to the conversation.


As the statistics state, there are more than 5 million Australian sugar daddies and sugar babies on this site. The daily joining mass of people is also quite big, that is why using is beneficial if you want to find a partner.

The positive trait of this dating venue is that each of the people registered knows what he or she is aimed at, so you don’t hesitate if it is worth spending time on them. For example, you don’t usually come to sugar daddy sites for no reason, right? You know exactly what you expect to find there. You can be a lady wanting her older richer man to support you and give you a luxury life, or you can be a man looking for the young beauty who will accompany you everywhere and make your being a bit brighter.

SugarDaddies member
SugarDaddies member

Whatever your goal is, you start looking for such a site when you are determined in your wishes. So, the communication you have there is usually quite effective because people tell directly what they want and state their goals from the very start.

What you can do there

The options offers are more variable than other sites of the same niche provide. Of course, the main way of use of this venue is chatting, but it can be more or less complicated, and here is where this particular site wins.

You can use two main types of communication:

  1. Instant messages. This type of talk requires your and your partner’s readiness to answer quickly and fully get into the chatting. The main benefit of such a conversation is that you know that the person is going to reply fast.
  2. Forum discussion. It is a special format that you are unlikely to find at any other sugar daddy websites. Discussion like that means that you can take part in a polylogue with numerous participants. What is good about it? Well, you can see some topics or questions being discussed that you didn’t even think of. Moreover, if you have some favorite lady or gentleman, you can watch how they behave in the real interaction and make your own conclusions without interrupting.

Aside from these services, the side has more special features.

You can add the profile you like to Favorites, so you don’t lose it and will be able to send it a chat later.

Besides, there is a list of people you may like constantly hanging at some part of your screen, so you can choose another communication partner any minute and start the chat.



Although the site doesn’t give official guarantees, its general safety policy is so clear and well-working that you can trust it with no fear.

For example, the search limits you by the certain state only. If you think it is bad, don’t because this way it protects you from scammers and makes sure that you meet a real person, because it is very easily checked.

Then, all the profiles are manually reviewed by the site team, and it means that everyone you talk to is a real person.

The pictures you want to load on the site has to get approved, and it is another stage of safety policy. reviews


As a true dating site, requires some payment for using its services. Although for female members the membership is free, men have to pay in accordance with the amount of energy they are going to deliver to the communication process.

  • 1 Month $29.99
  • 3 Months $19.99/month (33% Savings)
  • 6 Months $18.33/month (40% Savings)
  • 12 Months $14.16/month (53% Savings)

As you can see from this short list, the more messages you expect to send, the more you will save if you make it as a single purchase.

The comfortable thing is that the site doesn’t have an automatic billing, so no-one will take the money from your credit card when you don’t want it.

An interesting option offers a free 7 day trial of the whole system so you can make your choice for or against the site.

All in all, is a nice mean to find a partner you will enjoy spending the time with, and, who knows, maybe it will start as a mutually beneficial thing, but end up as something more!


How much does SugarDaddie cost?

SugarDaddie offers different subscription options with varying costs. For a 1-month membership, the total cost is $33.99. If you opt for a 3-month subscription, it comes to $22.66 per month. The 6-month plan costs $19.83 per month, and the 12-month plan is $16.99 per month.

SugarDaddie how to join?

To join SugarDaddie, visit their website and click “Join Now” or “Sign Up.” Fill out the registration form with your name, email, and password. Specify your preferences and desired sugar relationship. Submit the form, verify your email, and start exploring the platform. Connect with potential sugar partners to begin your sugar dating journey.

How long does it take to approve an account on SugarDaddie?

The account verification process on www SugarDaddie com may take at least 1 hour as moderators review your profile details and primary photo. However, in certain instances, the approval time can extend up to 24 hours.

About Me
Sugar Warren is a professional matchmaker with over 25 years of experience in the dating industry. Throughout his career, Sugar Warren has acquired a natural knack for understanding the needs of singles who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships.
  1. It’s worth every minute spent here. Only effective, high-quality communication. Besides, the search is cool. Sugardaddie is a very comfortable venue to find your sugar babe.

  2. It feels very right here. I give what I can ,the lady gives what she can. That’s it. A pattern of interaction is simple, and everybody is honest here. Wish I have found Sugardaddie earlier.

  3. surprised me in a positive way. I didn’t think it was possible to meet a woman who would like this format of dating, but I was just looking in the wrong place. Here it is convenient to search for a particular kind of women and get acquainted with them for real.

  4. The site is very good in use. Simple design, easy setting, affordable pricelist and nice services. It’s also good that it is specific: ladies who come here don’t waste your time on unnecessary points of the talk. The relationship is easy to establish: just tell the terms.

  5. It is nice. I have always been dreaming of a sugar daddy; now I have got one thanks to the site’s services. I like that it is free for women, very logical according to the concept of sugar daddy dating. The men here are very sweet, I enjoyed using the site.

  6. I don’t see any differences between websites for sugar daddies. I registered on this one with no particular reason, I just liked the name. The website absolutely suit me, it has everything you pay for and if something happens, you can always call customer support.

  7. I’m not sure now if I am going to visit any other dating sites now – this one is just so good. I like everything about it: the services, the way of communication, the men, the design. I found a sponsor here, and I won’t give up on it if I have to find another one.

  8. I don’t know how come I haven’t been here before. The site is amazing! All these messages and chats, and the men are so nice! Being a sugar baby is even more fun than I expected. They pay, and I get what I want. Cool. Thanks to Sugardaddie I managed to reach my goals!

  9. Sugardaddie is the best platform I found. Most of all I value people that it hosts. Also, it has a fantastic interface. It is adjustable to different screens. I mean, what else do you need? And there are a lot of right men here.

  10. Well, is good. I can tell, as I have already been on many dating sites, and they are nothing like this one. What I appreciated was the way of messaging here – very comfortable. I also like the idea that men pay – it is great that I got to use the services for free.

  11. Sugardaddie is a paradise for both men and women who are ok with a specific style of relationships. It is easy to talk here and that is the best thing for me. Plus, the price suits me as well. There is nothing to complain about.

  12. What I like most about is that here you can be yourself. I haven’t played any games with women here, but I managed to find the one I needed. Ladies here know what they want. I enjoyed using the site as here you can see what you pay for.

  13. Men here are polite, gentle, handsome and rich. I love that you can choose them by adding filters. The positive result comes quickly and is satisfying. I don’t think that after Sugardaddie I will look for any other platform.

  14. The site is good. What was the most important thing for me when I chose it? Safety. It’s great to know that you aren’t talking to some fraudster. But every man here goes through a tough check so that you can trust the site. I met a sugar daddy here, and he is a good party for me.

  15. You register, find a man and ask him to support you. It has never been simpler. I am so into this service. And you can not care what people think about your relationships. You can be yourself here, be sincere.

  16. Affordable, stylish, modern, easy in use. It is like any of today websites for dating, but with focus on successful men and astonishing women. I love the women they offer from a database here, they are extremely gorgeous and nice to talk to.

  17. I think the site is good. I especially appreciated its mobile version, which is very comfortable as I used the platform from my smartphone. The prices are average, and the service is nice. So many beautiful women ready to chat! I think I will continue to use it now.

  18. I write what I want to receive – and I receive it. That’ how Sugardaddie service works. I think that has to be rated high.

  19. I registered myself on Sugardaddie to use their services and enter into a sugar relationship. However, I found it to be a complete scam. Even their customer care is just pathetic. They didn’t help me when I was in trouble.

  20. I didn’t have much luck with dating for some time until I came and registered here. I think the reason is that on Sugardaddie they meticulously select girls. That is why it is easy to start conversations with them.

  21. The site is nice, I have found a sugar babe here. The ladies are very friendly, and all of them are ready for communication, which is the main benefit. On the other dating sites you can get ignored for months, but not here. The usage is easy; the site is worth its price.

  22. I wasn’t satisfied with the number of profiles on the Sugardaddie website. One barely receives any messages. The wait is long, and you don’t even know if it’s worth the wait. If you are looking for immediate responses, then Sugardaddie is definitely not the one, and you should explore your options elsewhere.

    • just let others take time a bit to prepare good answers for you! or search for people who respond rapidly, there are many of them on SugarDaddie!

  23. I don’t know if SugarDaddie differs much from the other dating sites in this niche. Anyway, it works fine. I registered and got what I wanted. Thanks for the good service.

  24. What I like on Sugardaddie is that you got to pick up and you can be picked up. It is a two-way communication process. I don’t have to sit and wait when my prince comes, I can look for him in turn.

  25. Sugardaddie is an obvious solution. Its name speaks for itself and describes its main features. What I can add is that the website surprises with its convenience in use. I didn’t expect it would be this comfortable for me.

  26. What I like is that here you are free from prejudices. I want to support my lady and she wants to have a sugar daddy. And everyone is happy. I feel that I am in the right place.

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