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Are you a newbie to sugaring? When you only start getting acquainted with this notion, you may wonder about sugar dating terms and slang often used on related websites and interactions. Being not sure about their meaning, you may get into awkward situations. Would you like to begin a new chapter of your life free from stress and disappointments? You have all the chances to start sugar daddy dating with a gorgeous girl or a wealthy man, but first, learn more about sugar daddy terms.

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Check here all necessary sugar daddy terms to understand the sugar lifestyle better. Use this sd dating slang while building your sugar dating.

Sugar Baby And Daddy Terms

Common SD internet slang

Here are the most popular notions you can notice surfing through sugar dating websites pages.

Sugar Relationship (SR)

It’s a connection between man and woman, which is mutually beneficial for both of them. These relationships are based on companionship, where everyone gives attention but without an emotional attachment. Both parties make an arrangement with concrete rules they stick to. This dating can include sex or not, depending on the choice. But the exchange for an individual benefit is common. It can be financial support, material goods, trips, and time.

Sugar friendship

This type of connection is typically based on a desire of girls and guys to meet. But usually, both partners consider each other friends. Spending time together, they may become close and go into “Sugar friendships with sexual benefits,” (FWB) where except for beneficial friendship the intimacy is also involved. This kind of connection is more unstructured. A man can pay for it with money, vacations, paying bills, shopping, etc.

Sugar Baby (SB)

Sugar baby is usually a gorgeous and young lady looking for an older and more experienced man who can support her financially in gratitude for pleasant dates and time. Being not interested in traditional dating, she wants to find a compatible provider and make a mutually beneficial arrangement with him. She may date with several guys simultaneously as sugar dating doesn’t forbid it.

Sugar Daddy (SD)

Traditionally, a sugar daddy is an older man who is experienced and successful. He doesn’t want to dive into traditional dating but needs a girl’s company. Being wealthy, he affords to pay a young and captivating sugar lady for dates and intimacy if it’s involved.


It’s a direct list of rules or a formalized settlement between both sugar dating partners. Before starting to date, a sugar daddy and sugar lady set an arrangement including dating preferences, how often they want to meet, what places they want to visit, and the type of allowance. Also, this arrangement can include sex if both partners agree. During dates, sugar baby and daddy stick to the settlement or may discuss some changes.

No Strings Attached (NSA)

No Strings Attached relationships is a choice of a guy and lady to go on dates and have a fun time together but without falling in love. This connection can involve emotions but only positive ones. It can be a passion and sex between partners if they decide. It’s an optimal variant for people with a lack of time, who are too busy with their studying, work, or kids. This arrangement is far from a traditional romantic affair and prostitution. The allowance is possible there but isn’t obligatory. It depends on the settlement between a man and woman. The NSA attraction is in the freedom of choice, where partners don’t care about feelings and obligations. These dates are full of exciting and pleasant emotions. People bored with stressful romantic affairs leading to disappointment find this type of connection beneficial. Getting involved in such a non-traditional commitment, partners gain almost everything great from traditional dates, but without responsibilities. They can have intimacy or not, but without obligation to date for a long period.


A Splenda Daddy is an open-minded guy striving to become a sugar daddy, but his financial status doesn’t allow him to arrange such a relationship. This partner is attentive, kind, and pleasant, but he can’t afford to supply a sugar lady. This man doesn’t meet the requirements of a sugar man.

Sugar Dating Slang

Salt Daddy

It’s a meaning entirely opposite to a sugar daddy. Salty daddy – it’s a man pretending to be rich and successful for catching sugar babies’ attention. Trying to behave like a successful man, he wants to get everything needed from his victim paying nothing for it. He can’t afford to pay bills and support financially, that’s why he often finds a reason to pay later, but in fact, such a man never pays. Doing all his best to deserve a lady’s trust, he just wants to get sex.


It’s financial gratitude paid by a sugar daddy to his gorgeous girl for pleasant dates and intimacy. This financial support can be given in different forms like paying bills, living expenses, trips, jewelry, money, and other gifts. It’s an integral part of the arrangement between sugar partners which is discussed before going on dates.

The sugaring industry is still growing, attracting more and more wealthy men and open-minded charming ladies. Becoming more embraced in modern life and relationships, it gathers numerous new sugar baby terms. All of them can be included in the SD Dictionary, but they change with the development of this sphere. However, the terms in this article are basic and stable, giving you a detailed understanding of the sugar world. Wanting to become a sugar girl or guy, you get to know how such a connection operates through its slang. Understanding its meaning, you become closer to this lifestyle and get rid of prejudices. Keep in mind all of them and start your sweet story with a fresh mind.

Long-Term Arrangement (LTA)

A long-term arrangement is a type of relationship when sugar partners are looking for a long-term bond. The main ideas behind this kind of relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy are stability and longevity. Marriage could be possible, however, very occasionally.

Meet and Greet (M&G)

The meet-and-greet is a first date between a sugar baby and her potential sugar daddy. On this date, they make an agreement that sets out the main terms, responsibilities, financial provisions, and other important details. Based on this, they determine whether they are right for each other as sugar partners and whether they have the same desires and visions.

Potentials (POTs)

A potential or POT is someone who wants to become a sugar daddy according to sugar baby terms. It is a temporary status that shows whether a person could possibly be a part of a sugar bowl.

Pay Per Meet (PPM)

Pay per meet is a type of sugar baby allowance when a sugar daddy provides a gift or pays money for each particular date with his sugar baby.

Spoiled Girlfriend

This type of sugar girl is more a stable girlfriend than a short-term sugar baby in sugar daddy slang. She continues to enjoy the financial advantage of her sugar daddy or lives at his expense, but at the same time, she has a long-term relationship with him and can even live at his place.

Short-Term Arrangement (STA)

A short-term arrangement means that a sugar partner is looking to date a sugar baby for a fixed period of time, for example, when traveling or visiting some events. It’s common that a sugar daddy may want more variety or is a newcomer who wants to make experiences in the sugar lifestyle before settling down for a long-term arrangement with a sugar baby.

Sugar Bowl

The sugar bowl is the lifestyle of a sugar couple. Sugar relationship has its peculiarities, but in most cases, a girl must keep a man company on dates, meet common standards of beauty, and be interesting. 

Whale Daddy

In sugar baby slang, a whale daddy is a sugar daddy who’s not only wealthy but extremely lavish. He shares his money with a sugar baby and spoils her unstoppably. Every sugar baby dreams of meeting a whale daddy—the best word in a sugar baby lingo.

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