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With so many people interested in sugar dating, no wonder that scammers and freeloaders seek to find a way in. What is a salt daddy? This term describes a man who pretends to be a sugar daddy while having no intentions to do actual sugaring. It is a fake sugar daddy interested in getting your attention and sexual favors without spending a dime. What is worse, salt dating often involves scamming sugar babies out of their own money. 

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Reddit users agree that this informal term may lack clarity because some sugar babies now call everyone not meeting their expectations salt daddies. Still, if you’ve just entered the sugar bowl, you must know about the perils of a classic sugar daddy scammer, so keep reading!

How is a salt daddy different from a sugar daddy? 

The primary difference between a sugar daddy and a sugar daddy scammer is their intention. A sugar daddy is a rich man who wants to spoil his sugar girlfriend and receive her attention. So, what is a salt daddy then? It’s a freeloader who wants to get something from a sugar baby for free. He might be rich, but it doesn’t matter since he’s not planning to spend anything.

Real sugar daddy and baby
Real sugar daddy

Other differences include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Attitude toward sugar babies. Sugar daddies never take them for prostitutes or treat them badly. It’s not uncommon for salt daddies to use derogatory language, especially if a sugar baby is assertive and direct.
  • Obsession with sex. To a real sugar daddy, sex is a part of a greater arrangement within a sugar relationship. A fake sugar daddy often wants nothing but to jerk off looking at your nudes or during a video call.
  • Views on roles in sugar relationships. Sugar daddies pay for their sugar babies, it’s the rule. Girls don’t have to pay for their coffee or gas when meeting their sugar daddy. But salt dating is different. If a salt daddy feels he can avoid paying for something, he will get out of his way to save money. Often it’s the sugar baby who has to pay.

Now that we’ve explained this difference let’s talk about how to spot a salt daddy when looking for an arrangement. 

Salty daddy primary characteristics

Wondering how to tell if a man who’s messaged you is a salt daddy? Pay attention to these red flags.

  • Profile with little info or too much bragging. While it’s understandable that people conceal personal info on dating websites, most salt daddies use completely fake identities. Some don’t wanna waste their time on writing an informative bio, while others create a character worth a stand-alone show on Netflix. If you feel that he’s fake, most likely you’re right.
  • The conversation takes a sexual turn right away. A fake sugar daddy is satisfied with just nudes, sexting, or other content he can fantasize about. If he asks about your sex toys collection five minutes into the first chat, just block him.
  • He promises to fulfill your wildest dreams. He has nothing but promises, so why not get extravagant when trying to get into your panties? If he talks about buying you a mansion and a Ferrari, things are too good to be true.
  • He actually avoids meeting you. Dates require making efforts and expenses, and he’s not ready for that. Salt daddies dislike meeting in person because it often puts an end to their lies and they have to look for a new victim. If he’s set on having sex with you, he may offer to meet him at a cheap cafe, but you’re too smart to do this, right?
  • He sends you a lot of money and then asks for some of it back before it’s cleared. A classic sugar daddy scammer move. He’ll do a chargeback later and get the whole sum back, and you end up losing your money. 

Knowing these characteristics, you’ll know how to protect yourself and focus on pursuing a real sugar relationship. Keep reading to learn about the best places for this!

fake sugar daddy
Sugar dating

Trusted sugar daddy websites with little to no salt daddies

Good sugar dating websites care about their user base and weed out salt daddies ruthlessly. Take a look at these platforms if you want an arrangement.

  • SugarDaddy.Com – The service swiftly terminates any accounts involved in posting harmful content or harassing and misleading other users. Men have to buy credits to interact with female members, which is a great weapon against fake sugar daddies and freeloaders. 
  • Secret Benefits – One of the biggest sugar platforms out there. Every profile there is checked to ensure that a user is a real person, and many users undergo a verification process to gain more trust and improve their chances. 
  • Ashley Madison – This is a big and well-established site focused on affairs and sugaring. The design is slick and easy to use, with a feel of real luxury. Men seeking women are expected to pay for pretty much every kind of interaction, which protects sugar babies from salt daddies better than anything.

Have a nice time signing up and checking out the sugar daddies there! 

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