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Every girl dreams of a relationship with a wealthy man. This is what sugaring is all about, after all. But beware! Among real sugar daddies you may encounter a so-called splenda daddy. What’s the splenda daddy meaning?  It’s a man who doesn’t offer anything financially enticing to a sugar baby, making her feel disappointed. Just like splenda gives you the sweet taste without calories, a splenda daddy can’t offer much to make you spoiled. 

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What is a splenda daddy to women who spend a lot of time on sugar websites? A soul-crushing disappointment. Although the Reddit splenda daddy definition admits that the term is rather subjective, why settle for a man who can’t offer much to his sugar baby?

A close look at splenda daddy vs sugar daddy

The best way to define a splenda daddy and show his peculiarities is to compare him to an actual sugar daddy. How are they different?

  • Age. Splenda daddies tend to be younger than sugar daddies, hence they haven’t achieved their full financial potential yet.
  • Occupation. Sugar daddies are mainly at the top of their game: CEOs, VPs, top corporate executives, prominent sports coaches and artists. Splenda daddies usually are middle managers or small business owners.
  • Lifestyle. Sugar daddies prefer the relaxed old money lifestyle with less fleshy attributes, while splenda daddies tend to imitate wealth with bright colors and huge logos to attract young sugar babies. 

The allowance and PPM are lower as well for a splenda sugar daddy. While a real sugar daddy may elevate your lifestyle to real luxury, no such things happen with their cheap substitutes. Expect sums that are nice to receive but nothing mind-blowing—say, $1,500 instead of $4,500. Although nobody has ever said no to receiving $1,500, it’s underwhelming to say the least.

splenda sugar daddy
Sugar baby with sugar daddy

Splenda daddy characteristics

How to tell if the man you’ve met on a sugar website is most likely a splenda daddy? Take a look at these hints:

  • The stated income is less than $250,000 per year
  • He’s adamant about setting a non-negotiable allowance
  • He doesn’t want to discuss any extra benefits for you
  • His car is older than 5 years old and he wears mid-range brands 
  • He never takes you shopping to luxury stores 

Although splenda daddy vs sugar daddy makes a rather sad contrast with his cheaper lifestyle, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a bad person. Still, if you’re really ambitious, it’s best to avoid such daddies because they’re nothing but a waste of time. 

Sites with real sugar daddies

Avoiding a splenda daddy is easy if you know how to spot them and register on reputable sugar daddy websites. Such places have background checks and strict rules to ensure their exclusivity, letting only truly rich men in. Let’s take a look at the best of them:

  • SugarDaddy.Com – This site contains truly professional help for girls and men. The interface of the site is as convenient as possible for use, you can easily register and use it from the first minutes. The site will help you find a generous sugar daddy while keeping splenda daddies away. The peculiarity of the site is that all accounts are verified—this allows you to exclude scammers. is one of the best sugar dating platforms.
  • Secret Benefits – Also a great sugaring site with a great verification system. The bottom line is that the owner of the profile must pass a video verification. This helps to expose dishonest people who want to take advantage of a sugar daddy. Although it doesn’t have an app, it is simple and easy to use nonetheless.
  • Ashley Madison – The site that needs no introduction, as it has a large client base. Girls from all over the world are looking for real sugar daddies there with minimal risk of stumbling upon a splenda sugar daddy. You can register absolutely free of charge regardless of gender. The app is also free, giving you access to sugar dates wherever you are.

These websites are some of the best places to find a generous sugar daddy who’ll take great care of you and spoil you with love and luxury.  

sugar daddy
Splenda sugar daddy

Is splenda daddy always a bad choice?

Perhaps, after reading this article, you may have discovered that you’re dating a splenda sugar daddy. Should you be worried?

It all depends on whether you’re satisfied with what you have. As mentioned above, the term is subjective and not clear-cut. Some sugar babies expect nothing less than a $10,000 allowance with regular luxury shopping trips to Paris on a private jet. Naturally, they call anyone not meeting their high expectations a splenda daddy, even if offered very reasonable conditions.

But what if you’re okay with something less extravagant? The splenda daddy vs sugar daddy line may get blurry when you take feelings into account. Imagine having a sugar arrangement with a nice man who’s great in bed and always has time for you. So what if he drives a Volkswagen instead of an Audi? This is where the splenda daddy definition stops making much sense to realistic sugar babies.

After all, sugaring isn’t about money exclusively. Other things also should be taken into account:

  • Love language
  • Sex compatibility
  • Interests and worldview
  • Time you’re ready to dedicate to each other

If everything’s great in the non-financial department, you can cut your sugar daddy some slack. 

Thus, you should ask yourself what are your expectations from sugaring. If you know you’re okay with less and are satisfied with your sugar daddy’s personality, stop worrying and enjoy your sugar relationship!

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