Sugar Daddy Australia Blog 5 Myths of Sugar Relationships

When it comes to relationships between sugar daddies and their sugar babies, decent maidens start rolling their eyes up, so does the rest of the society. Why? Because, unluckily, this field of human relationship has been under the attack of rumors and stereotypes.

In this blog, we are going to debunk the most common misconceptions about sugar relationships.

Myth #1. Sugar relationships are equal to prostitution

Well, some people do think that sugar baby is a euphemism for a prostitute, but they are profoundly wrong. Even though the sex factor can be involved in the sugar relationship, it is not an end in itself.

Prostitutes get money for sleeping with several partners on an occasional basis, no matter how much they like or dislike them. Moreover, prostitutes are not obliged to get into any other relations with their clients apart from the sexual ones.

Sugar dating is entirely different. First of all, it’s a long-term relationship in comparison to prostitution. And it is mostly a relationship, not the service. Secondly, sugar babies are not allowed to hang out with several men because they can simply lose the daddy they already have. And thirdly, there are more things involved into sugar dating than in prostitution – the sugar couple can spend their leisure time together in cinemas, theaters, clubs, or simply go for a walk in the park – so as just not to feel lonely.


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Myth #2. Sugar daddies are womanizers

Yes, some men are, and not only sugar daddies! Sugar men are usually successful businessmen who live a hectic lifestyle and do not have time to get involved in serious traditional relationships, which often bear additional unwanted responsibilities.

Sugar dating is an option for such men as they do not need to seek time for giving attention to their serious partner.

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Myth #3. Sugar babies are Beckies

Either they are Beckies or bimbos – it’s all wrong. Sure enough, we can’t say for each sugar baby on earth, but some of them are smart and even hold degrees in sciences or arts. And they resorted to sugar dating not because they are dumb but because of different life situations.

Some ladies struggle to pay for their studying, others need to take care of feeble parents, or they simply are reluctant to be office monkeys.


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Myth #4. Sugar babies are not sugar unless they are Barbies

Wrong, wrong, wrong. It is not only long-legged ladies with blonde hair who can become sugar babies. Different sugar daddies have different tastes, so even girls with curvy plus-size bodies can get a fair fraction of the attention. The same goes for hair color and structure, complexion, height, weight and so on. There’s no accounting for taste.


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Myth #5. Sugar dating is not dating

Yes, it is. Sugar daddies invite their babes for nights out, dinners in restaurants or for a promenade. And when they are together – wow! They are communicating, and they learn about each other’s personalities, they learn how to support and please each other. It is a real relationship, even though it is not as serious as some people imagine a relationship to be – there are no stereotypical responsibilities – only an agreement.

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