Sugar Daddy Australia Blog Sugar Daddy And Baby Scams: Everything You Didn’t Know About It

Sugar dating is a popular industry with broad opportunities for successful guys and gorgeous ladies. Such a place also attracts scammers who have different goals from sugar dating. Keep reading and find out all the signs and common behavior patterns of fraudsters.

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How do scammers look like?

In short, scammers lure you with promises of intimate dates or money, playing on feelings and trust. They know how to inspire confidence and get respect. There are 2 most popular scam types:

  • Real sugar baby or daddy accounts with scam intentions
  • Fake profiles with people not interested in sugaring at all

How to protect yourself from scams? Read below.

Sugar daddy scam format

Be aware of how liars can behave and act. Knowing the nuances, you’re be more likely to find a real man interested in a mutually beneficial arrangement, but not in fraud.

sugar daddy scams

He asks for your naked photos before a real date

The majority of sugar partners are well-mannered and polite, treating sugar girls like queens. Such a man won’t force you to do something you can be confused with. When you get into an ambiguous situation, it’s a red flag for you. Probably, this person wants only your photos turning him on. Be cautious, as your intimate materials can be used in the future blackmail. Sending photos is appropriate when you both have an arrangement and stick to sugar dating rules . If you haven’t met in person, it’s better to close a chat and look for a real sugar daddy.

He wants to get your bank account details

Modern technologies like Paypal, Venmo, and even Chase QuickPay allow making transactions in a few seconds without specific private details. For a real partner, your email or card number is enough for making transactions. Fake sugar daddy may request your bank account password or credit card codes. Remember: if someone asks for access to your bank or other account, it’s a definite sign of a sugar daddy scammer.

A sugar partner offers you to purchase something

Fake sugar daddies often ask babies to buy something. Scammers usually make a thousand stories about inability to do it. They ask about sending barcodes or pins to withdraw money, promising to refund all finances. After getting what they want, fraudsters may stop the interaction. As a result, you can’t get money back. It’s the most popular scamming sugar daddies scenarios as it’s hard to prove that finances are stolen. Real sugar daddies can afford to buy anything without ladies’ help. If you don’t want to be tricked by a scammer, bear in mind this fact.

Common sugar baby scams

They’re focused on money, not meetings

Young and gorgeous ladies joining sugaring look for some support and time. Fake sugar babies are interested only in money and want to earn it without meetings and arrangements. During first contacts, scammers ask you about finances, living place, or resorts you visit. They also want to get social security numbers, tax ID numbers, and other documents. Once scammers receive it, they ask you for more details or stop communication. How to distinguish them from real sugar babies? A true baby wants to discover your personality first, but not your financial status.

Sugar girls manipulate guy’s vulnerabilities

Knowing how to manipulate men’s vulnerabilities, fraudsters also promise to send some nude photos, arrive at your place right now, and do everything you want. The most popular offer is hot sex satisfying all intimate preferences. Be sure a real sugar baby won’t raise this topic first.

sugar baby scams

They ask money and avoid real meetings

Another scam scenario is when a fake lady talks about some disaster like a medical emergency or a car accident. She often finds a reason why she can’t arrange a real meeting. A sugar daddy sends money to help a girl but gets nothing in return. She may continue asking for money or totally ignore you.

What are the signs of baby scammers’ behavior?

  • They don’t send selfies in private messages, trying to play on your feelings and desire.
  • They send fake photos taken from the Internet.
  • They promise unforgettable dates, wild sex, and nude photos, but first, you should pay.
  • They tell stories about credits, illnesses, and other problems.
  • They always find excuses for not meeting in real.

As you see, the behavior of scammers is common: creating emotional bonds, promising fulfilling men’s desires, and asking for money to buy something. Now go ahead to reveal the same principle within the social media scope!

Sugar daddy Instagram scam

Recently discovered Instagram sugar daddy scams are when fakes try to gain trust to get money or personal details for blackmailing. This process begins from the account creation when fraudsters use real or fake photos to attract potential sugar partners. Subscribing to your Instagram, they start liking posts and sending direct messages. Still, scammers don’t leave comments to stay discreet for your friends. After you reply, they act and behave to gain respect, trust, and emotional connection. You shouldn’t give any support or information; otherwise, it might be used to harm you.

Sugar baby scam on Instagram starts from seducing messages and photos in an account. Women look for naive wealthy guys online and are interested in their financial status. They may talk about credit debts, asking to transfer money with a promise to meet in real life. These fake babies also ask to share bank details, buy gift cards, etc. After their goal is achieved, they disappear or ask you to pay more.

How to spot a fake sugar daddy or baby?

To detect sugar daddy or baby scams on Instagram and other platforms, be attentive to every little detail in the account. Basically, good profiles contain:

  • Real photos and selfies in a good resolution, maybe from the smartphone
  • Descriptive accounts with mentioning how much money they want or what may give in return
  • Typical usernames, often including at least name.

Some nuances can be red flags for you. Noticing them, it’s better to stop chatting and look for another sugar partner. Fraudulent accounts usually have the next features:

  • Profiles look like advertisements
  • Accounts aren’t detailed
  • Information in profiles is illogical
  • Account contains lots of hashtags (on Instagram)
  • Profile has links to other platforms for communication
  • Description is written in very poor English.

You can see general pieces of advice on how to recognize fraudsters, but every sugar daddy scam format has its own peculiarities. If they work well with fake sugar baby scams and help to avoid male liars online, it may be more difficult to do the same on popular social media platforms. Let’s have a closer look at how to spot sugar baby dating scams there.

Sugar baby scams on Instagram

Consider the following hints to recognize sugar baby and sugar daddy scams on Instagram:

  • A scammer always initiates communication;
  • This person tries to gain trust quite quickly and get information about financial standings of the victim;
  • The IG account used is new and has few followers;
  • Personal photos are absent or limited;
  • You’re asked to provide personal details in exchange for some benefit.

Snapchat scams in sugar baby dating

The most popular approach in sugar baby scams on Snapchat is connected with hacking users’ accounts and using them by pretending to be their holders. These people start communicating with established men, gain their trust, and ask for money, finding lots of moving excuses.

Sugar baby scams on Facebook

The most common sugar daddy scams happen on Facebook where fraudsters can join special sugaring groups in search of victims or initiate interaction with people whose accounts they’ve found on popular sugar arrangement platforms. They use a variety of scam formats, but there are signs that may help you avoid being cheated:

  • A newly created FB account;
  • Minimum of information in the profile description;
  • No additional photos except for avatar;
  • Asking for money without real dates.

Tinder sugar baby scams

Sugar dating thrives on Tinder, but users of this platform should look out for scams too. The most popular one is catfishing, when  fraudsters look for victims on Tinder and then encourage them to continue interaction via other messengers. Some scammers use malware to steal a person’s sensitive data and use it to their advantage or blackmail. 

How do sugar baby scams work?

It’s worth mentioning that fake sugar daddy signs aren’t as frequently spotted as scams organized by sugar babies. The last ones look for easy money in most cases, but how do they manage to cheat successful and experienced suitors? Girls usually use special financial apps and services for this purpose.

Sugar daddy Paypal scams happen often since this e-system doesn’t require users to share any personal details except for an email address to receive a payment. It prevents criminals from sharing personal data, and they get what they want after a long-lasting online enchanting process.

Can you get scammed on Cash App as a sugar daddy?

Unfortunately, you can. A sugar baby scam via Cash App often involves sending fake funds to the victim’s account, so a daddy may cheat a young pretty girl and ask something in exchange for that. A sugar daddy Cashapp scam may also look as follows: a sugar baby sends a gift card to her daddy and when this card is redeemed, a scammer will take all daddy’s funds from the account by blocking it and disappear forever.

These are the most popular ways to get money in an illegal way, though the range of such approaches is very diverse and unpredictable.

A real sugar partner is ready to spend time together in a comfortable way for you both. Remember that a true sugar baby or daddy won’t ask for a benefit in advance. With real sugar adepts, interaction is smooth and free from pressure. If you feel something goes wrong, contact the support team and report about a possible scam.

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