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While sugar daddies usually have considerable experience in money transactions, inexperienced sugar babies might get lost in the variety of ways sugar baby payment can be done and received. But fortunately, receiving money is as easy as sending it.

A sugar baby payment is like a special income, an infusion of money that will have to be handled appropriately and with care. There are many ways of handling the transaction of the money between a sugar baby and her daddy. Here are some of the most popular methods.

Bank Deposits

One of the most popular methods on the sugar baby allowance guide. This requires some trust as the sugar baby has to give the name of her bank, her full name and her bank account number for him to make deposits directly into her account on a specific basis, be it weekly or monthly.

  • Cons: There is a possibility of certain troubles related to taxes.
  • Pros: This is easy and requires almost no effort from the side of the sugar baby other than in the initial stages.  She can just test you with something like: ‘Sugar daddy, send me money’, and the deal is done. Besides, keeping money in the bank is a lot more secure than stashing thousands of dollars under a pillow.

One thing to keep in mind is that though most sugar babies have an allowance of under $10,000, regular deposits of a few thousand dollars can still raise some questions from the bank.

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  • Cons: Anyone who ever received a big bulk of cash knows how easy it is to lose track of your spending and see it gone way before planned, which is why some money management skills are required for this method to be used. The routine process of handing over an envelope with a few thousand dollars in cash can be awkward for both the sugar daddy as well as the sugar baby. This can also lead to some minor paranoia, having to carry large sums of money, and the more cash, the more paranoid the person.
  • Pros: Untraceable, though this does have its downside. If you lose it – it is gone, and there is no returning.

If this is the preferred method of transactions, make sure to make little deposits into a bank account just in case. Also, get some money orders that will handle the payment of the rent, tuition, and other expenses. These can be found in local post offices and are a safe and untraceable way of paying the bills and generally reducing the stress that comes with handling all that money.

Pre-paid Cards

If your sugar daddy is ready to send you money, some sugar babies say that the best way to get money from a sugar daddy would be even not through sugar daddy PayPal but via a pre-paid card. This method has many advantages.

  • Pros: Firstly, they are untraceable. Secondly, you can fill the card with as much money as possible. And finally, you can withdraw cash from ATMs and use cash for whatever you want.
  • Cons: Lots of trouble in the event that the sugar baby loses it. Make sure that the card can be re-issued without the loss of funds on the card and the account. It is vital that a copy of the card number is kept as well as all the other relevant information.


PayPal is an incredibly convenient way of sending and receiving money without having to bust out all of the sugar baby’s details. All that is needed is an email, after which the sugar daddy is free to send the allowance whenever he chooses to.

  • Pros: Protection of personal information, very convenient, fast and easy to use.
  • Cons: Electronic records are kept of every payment made via the card.

Other Peer-to-Peer Options

Since PayPal is not the only existing and working payment method out there, it makes sense to look at some of the countless alternatives that are available this day. Hundreds of apps are available that will let a sugar baby gain access to her allowance with only the email and/or username that is tied to the account. Some services worth trying are Venmo and Google Wallet.

  • Pros: Just as PayPal – fast and secure.
  • Cons: Not anonymous, electronic records are kept.

Bill payment option

In the modern world, there are many ways to send and receive money. But when it comes to the business with sugar daddies, things are slightly different. All sugar daddies are used to the practical and straightforward scheme—paying bills, the safest way to receive money from sugar daddy.

  • Pros: sugar daddies are usually very generous towards the ladies they love. This variant of sugar daddy payment methods lets sugar daddies know what precisely they pay for. Usually, sugar daddies pay for the rent and other bills connected with the everyday life of a sugar baby.
  • Cons: using the paying bills method, all money transfers will be transparent. A sugar baby will not be able to use the money for personal needs, only for the bills.

Sugar daddy apps that send money

In the digital world where money can be sent within seconds, it’s quite normal that there are specially designed apps through which you can send money to sugar babies. There are great sections of choosing a sugar baby and depositing money at the same time. Such apps make it simple to perform such transactions. Such an app makes your experience more convenient.

  • Pros: there are many benefits of using such apps. On the guides of how to get money from a sugar daddy, such apps are among the most favorite ways of getting paid. There are even sites that offer a feature of bidding, so sugar babies can pick the best one willing to pay more. In some cases, such apps might offer a chance to meet in person before assigning any payment.
  • Cons: what can be bad about such apps? First of all, not every app is worth your attention and time, as there are so many scams. Secondly, not every app can offer top-notch performance and profile quality. Thus, your discretion is a must when choosing a dating site.

Cryptocurrency as a sugar daddy payment

The world is getting more modern in terms of technology, and cryptos have become a new means of payment. So, how to get money from a sugar daddy? Cryptos can be a great solution.

  • Pros: it’s a convenient and fast method of payment. Besides, cryptos ensure maximum levels of anonymity. No fear of scams.
  • Cons: the only setback is how well sugar baby knows about cryptos and how to deal with them, as it’s something related to technology and finance at the same time.

Google Play card from sugar daddy 

The Google Play card from a sugar daddy is another option of pleasing a sugar baby with gifts and compensation for her companionship. Google Play cards may be used to make in-app purchases, such as in-game purchases, movies, and books. Using the Google Play store app on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, a sugar baby can easily redeem gift cards. Gift dollars may be used to purchase a new game, software, book, movie, or digital subscription for a sugar baby. 

Google Play gift cards  may not be the main method of sugar baby payment, but it’s definitely a nice bonus for a sugar baby to receive as it will show that a sugar daddy is not only rich but also attentive. Isn’t it a great way to spoil a sugar baby who is alway ready to entertain her sugar daddy herself?

Tips on how to get money from sugar daddy

Sometimes being beautiful and intelligent is not enough to receive a sugar baby allowance from your sugar daddy. You need to know how to push the sugar daddy to give you money without any humiliation for yourself. Luckily, you can master the best way to get cash from a sugar daddy by following helpful tips.

Choose the right places

There are many different websites and platforms which are intermediaries between sugar daddies and sugar babies. But you should choose a specialized website with particular attention to ensuring that sugar babies will have the safest way to receive money from a sugar daddy. Some platforms are only partially specialized in the business. But if you choose the dedicated platform, you will easily find sugar daddies ready to send money to a beautiful lady that meets their requirements. By selecting a reliable platform, you will have access to the sugar daddy apps send money without a meeting

Show your best sides

When you decide on looking for a sugar daddy to send me money, you should remember that any funds require effort. The main desire of sugar daddies who use the dating platforms is to get special attention from the sugar baby. It means that if you want to find a sugar daddy in Australia you should not act with the sugar daddy like with the ordinary man on a date. Instead, try to show your affection and care from the first minutes of your dialogue. Then, you will understand which relationship the sugar daddy wants to build during the conversation.

Be honest

From the start of your business with a sugar daddy, you should remember that you have the right to ask everything you want and to tell “sugar daddy send me money now.” Please don’t be shy and tell him about your needs. The sugar daddy will more willingly send you money if you describe in detail why you need it. Be honest, and reveal your desires to your sugar daddy. In response, he might also tell you sugar daddy cash app secrets.

Make bonds

The sugar daddy will more likely send you money if he feels your affection. Try to make a strong mental connection with a sugar daddy, and he will feel pleased to help you.

Stand your ground

Of course, you should try to please your sugar daddy as much as possible. But remember that in your relationship, you should also feel comfortable. So don’t be afraid to tell him about your concerns. Tell him if you prefer some other paying method and suggest some other sugar daddy cash app names he can choose from. If you are honest with a sugar daddy, he will make concessions.

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