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What does catfishing mean in dating? From the name, it’s clear that catfishing is a deceptive trick made to get money from someone seeking love or a relationship online. But how to catfish a sugar daddy? And is it possible to avoid such a problem? It happens that lots of people pretend to be someone else with the purpose of achieving their goal by lying.

Thus, if you’re interested in sugar dating and looking for an ideal sugar partner, you need to know more about catfishing. So, before attempting to find sugar daddy or sugar baby, you need to discover more about how to avoid catfish.

What’s catfishing

Sugar daddy catfish cases might happen when picking random sugar dating services. If you define catfish online, it’s an illicit act by internet predators that make fake online identities and accounts, even with social circles, with the aim to get benefits from people seeking romance online.

Is it illegal to catfish someone? Yes, it’s an illegal act. From catfish dating meaning, it’s clear that catfish and scams have definition similarities, but catfishing is a more complex approach than simply creating fake accounts and impersonating someone. Catfishing encompasses stealing and making accounts look real. A catfish person tries to look realistic and offers consistent information in the profiles she represents.

How does a catfish person work?

It’s clear from the catfish online definition that catfishing is about pretending to be someone else, especially someone appealing, to get the attention of a sugar daddy. But it can also happen that a catfish person pretends to be a sugar daddy. So, before you find sugar daddy or baby, you need to understand how catfishing works.

  • Catfish people choose their victims by carefully selecting them, so you can be sure that they know a lot about sugar daddies and babies.
  • Catfish internet dating starts on a dating website, so catfish people pick a site with prospective members online.
  • Stealing and using photos of other users as their own is the next step. Accessing someone’s photos isn’t a big deal nowadays, so catfish people steal photos and create a profile giving an impression of a real person online.
  • They’ll do their best to gain your trust. As in any type of relationship, everything starts with communication, so you need to be careful enough not to become a victim.
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What’s the purpose of catfish internet dating?

When looking at online catfish facts, it’s surprising that it’s not always a financial motivation that pushes people to become catfish. When someone wants to find a sugar baby or daddy, that person can be motivated in getting money, but that’s not the only motivation.

Though the catfish account meaning isn’t limited to getting money, it’s still about deceiving someone. When looking through the notion of being catfished and its meaning, you might wonder why someone might be interested in such illicit activities. Here are some reasons behind catfishing:

  • Loneliness
  • Jealousy
  • Shyness
  • Fear
  • Anger

About avoiding a catfish person

According to some surveys, almost 1 out of 23 people were catfished online. Be it sugar baby or sugar daddy catfish, you need to be careful enough not to become a part of such statistics. Thus, when you’re about to meet sugar mommy, daddy, or baby, you better consider some useful tips on how to avoid catfishing:

  • Check photos online: with the fast-developing technologies, you can always benefit from googling the photos you’ll get access to. Be sure to check them by reverse image searching.
  • Be attentive to keen admirers: don’t get trapped by early confessions that someone is into you. One of the main tricks of catfishing is to make someone believe to be wanted and demanded too soon, which works almost all the time.
  • Get help from your friends: if you have doubts and you’re not sure, why not ask your friends to give some objective opinion about the profile you’re communicating with. Some of them might give some good advice to listen to.
  • Have a video call: interaction that entails seeing each other is more efficient in terms of eliminating possible candidates for catfishing. So, the sooner you see your partner, the less troublesome your communication will be.

Beware of catfishing internet dating

Catfishing is a dangerous process of making someone believe in the existence of the person who has been impersonated for various and illicit purposes. When you plan to find your sugar partner, be sure you don’t become a victim of catfishing!

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