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How to Make the First Sugar Date Less Awkward

Meeting your sugar baby or sugar daddy online is one thing, but when it comes to seeing a person in real life, it’s a whole different story. When texting, you don't see each other, neither do you hear your potential partner, and now, sitting in front of each other with glasses full and plates with fantastic food, you may find it unusual to talk sugar.

How not to spoil the evening and see whether you suit each other? Here are some proved tips.

A smile can melt anybody’s heart

Body language is crucial when making a first impression. Either you are talking to a businessperson or a CEO, a young sugar or an experienced woman, you better smile. Smiling will make your interlocutor answer you with the same gesture, and it can significantly warm up the atmosphere surrounding you.

It might be challenging for both of you to start talking about your expectations regarding each other, so it is always a good idea to have a small talk first, supporting it with smiling. This facial expression can turn on the chemistry between two of you and help your eyes shine with a spark.

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Being flattering can help you too

You can easily remove the feeling of awkwardness by complimenting your potential sugar partner. You know it can take a long time to prepare for a first sugar date, so why don’t you emphasize that fact you’re satisfied with how your SB or SD has taken his/her time to look perfect for you?

This, just as a smile, can also melt your interlocutor’s heart and experience fellow feeling right there.

You like the color of her dress? – Say it! You like the way he's fixed his tie? – Don’t be shy to stress it! That’s it.

how to make a date less awkward

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Be simple

Yes, you will want to impress your sugar date, but don’t try to go too far with that. There’s nothing worse than looking know-it-all or a hotshot on a first date (even if it’s sugar). Your potential partner already knows you are intelligent, beautiful, sharp, polite, and so on – otherwise, he/she wouldn’t have invited you for a date.

Simplicity is the key, being complex can push your sugar date away.

Draw parallels

Remember, how you were chatting on a sugar online dating site? Remember, how you discussed each other’s profiles? Try to bring all those things to a conversation in life.

Otherwise, you may start to have a feeling that you are seeing a completely different person. It is essential to draw parallels between your virtual interaction and real-life communication, especially if it took two of you quite a long time to chat online.

To break the virtual ice, you should try and remember something peculiar your date wrote on his/her profile and ask for more details. Simple? Yes, it is. Lastly, it will help you keep your conversation going and avoid awkward pauses.

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Avoid an Awkward First Sugar Date

Stay classy

No matter what, don’t be rude or don’t sound arrogant – you may kill it all. At the same time, both of you should keep the balance and try not to be vulgar – stay classy and dignified.

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