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Advice for Being a Sugar Daddy

Being a sugar daddy is not as easy as finding a sexy young woman with dreams and offering her financial aid in return for some female love. There are a lot of intricacies that need to be addressed and taken care of so that both the sugar daddy and his sugar baby can coexist in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

Show respect

Listening to and respecting his baby is something every sugar daddy out there should be doing, if they consider themselves real men. While the relationship itself may be unconventional in comparison to the more traditional style of dating, that does not cancel out the fact that it is still a relationship between a man and a woman. A sugar baby is not an employee or some kind of possession, but a human with an inner world, whose needs, just as yours, need to be met.

Set up clear boundaries

Make it your duty to identify and establish what the expectations and boundaries are going to be like in this relationship. Do not be afraid to be upfront, as this will make life easier for the both of you. No contracts are to be made about the expected compensation for the sugar baby. Hence it is up to the baby to trust that her daddy will live up to his word and his end of the bargain, and vice versa. It is highly recommended that the initial dos and don'ts are agreed upon verbally by both sides, as this will allow for the relationship to freely evolve if both parties wish so.

Do not make money the centerpiece of the relationship

The sugar baby brings the sugar, and the sugar daddy handles the money. It is as simple as that, and both sides know that they have what the other side wants. It is not up to debate that money plays a very important part in the relationship, however, it should not be treated as a bargaining chip since as soon as this happens, things tend to go downhill from there. It is all about harmoniously fulfilling each other's needs by giving the other side something you can easily give and not being greedy. It is like a husband knowing that his wife likes roses, and surprising her with a bouquet now and then, except in this case, the sugar daddy and sugar baby fast forward to that phase of the relationship pretty early on in the relationship.

Show an effort

It is not only the physical connection that both sides should be after but also the emotional one. Sharing the same interests, or at the very least willingness and attempts to show interest, is very important for the relationship between a sugar daddy and his baby to be considered successful. You might have all the money in the world, but a woman has certain desires and still needs to be kept happy in a relationship. She could very easily become disinterested in you and your money and leave without any second thoughts.

Odds are you would not be able to date her in the first place if it were not for your money, so do everyone a favor and get her to genuinely like you. Keep in mind that as in any other relationship, things can get quite complicated. If a sugar baby gets too attached, it is the sugar daddy's duty to remind his baby the nature of their relationship, how it began and what the expectations are. The same applies to the reverse scenario, though should both parties wish to evolve into a more serious relationship, they are free to do so.

There is nothing wrong with being a gentleman and showing your sugar baby that you care for and respect her. Understand that any emotional and physical investment you decide to show her will be reciprocated and returned if done right. So if you wish to have the best, be the best for her.

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