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Do you know how you want to spend the first date with your sugar baby? In case you want to be created but ran out of the ideas, we can help. We have come up with the list of nice ideas of dates. They suit sugar daddy dating perfectly, and your lady will enjoy the time with you for sure.There are many romantic things that you can do with your sugar baby, from artistic pursuits like visiting opera theaters, to going to theme parks or enjoying a fine dining experience in a beautiful setting.

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Idea 1. Take your lady shopping.

In case you want to organize an ideal first date a sugar baby will be pleased if you invite her to go shopping. As sugar dating is based on the idea that a man, who is a sugar daddy, usually spends this money, this way of the sugar baby first date is perfect.

If you take your lady shopping on the first date, you will have a lot of time to talk to her and know her better. At the same time, you will please her with the presents you can buy. Moreover, women enjoy shopping a lot, so it will be a good impression that you’ll make.

If you don’t know hot get a conversation started during your first date, you can easily remove the feeling of awkwardness by complimenting your potential sugar partner. You know it can take a long time to prepare for a first sugar date, so why don’t you emphasize that fact you’re satisfied with how your SB has taken her time to look perfect for you? Do you like the color of her dress? Make sure to say it.

first date ideas
Take your sugar baby for shopping

Idea 2. Surprise your sugar baby with a weekend trip.

Although some may think it is too much for the first day, trust us: it is not.Many experts believe that it’s a good sugar daddy first date advice and recommend their clients to go on a trip and share a common experience with their partner.

A weekend trip gives you a marvelous opportunity to spend some time in privacy, know each other better and get a little closer. Also, it is a chance to show your sugar baby the new places and positively impress her.

Moreover, she will appreciate the gesture an ideal first date with a sugar baby, that’s for sure. Travelling makes the communication diverse and interesting, you won’t be bored together.

sugar baby and daddy first date
Ideal first date

Idea 3. A classic candlelight dinner is a good option.

Getting back to some classical ideas: a dinner at the fine restaurant is a nice idea for a sugar daddy first date. Make sure to choose a nice spot and surprise your sugar baby with the chic.

You can take care of the menu in advance, or order some special show. However, just a dinner with some good music, expensive wine, and nice atmosphere will be enough already.

According to surveys, 79% of women want to feel comfortable during the first date. Besides, they enjoy being complimented and hugged at the end of it. Typically, they don’t like men who are constantly checking their phones, are rude to waiters, and order many drinks. You just need to follow some easy rules to make it memorable and get the conversation flowing.

first date with sugar baby
Sugar daddy and sugar baby

Be simple

Yes, you will want to impress your sugar date, but don’t try to go too far with that. There’s nothing worse than looking know-it-all or a hotshot on a first date (even if it’s sugar). Your potential partner already knows you are intelligent, beautiful, sharp, polite, and so on – otherwise, she wouldn’t have agreed to go on a date.

If you want your sugar daddy first date to be successful, simplicity is the key, being complex can push your partner away.

Draw parallels

Remember, how you were chatting on a sugar daddy dating site? Remember, how you discussed each other’s profiles? Try to bring all those things to a conversation in life.

Otherwise, you may start to have a feeling that you are seeing a completely different person. It is essential to draw parallels between your virtual interaction and real-life communication, especially if it took two of you quite a long time to chat online.

To break the virtual ice, you should try and remember something peculiar your date wrote on her profile and ask for more details. Simple? Yes, it is. Lastly, it will help you keep your conversation going and avoid awkward pauses.

Idea 4. Rent a hall to watch a movie in privacy.

Regular movies are boring, Why don’t you rent the whole hall for only two of you? Your sugar baby will surely be impressed, and it is unlikely that she will ever forget that first date! Think about the film you are going to watch as it matters. Let it be something easy – you don’t want a hard drama to ruin your date, do you?

Renting a movie theater is one of the most affordable sugar daddy date ideas as it will cost you $75-$395 per hour. Besides, many companies that provide such services value their clients’ privacy so you can be sure that you won’t be bothered during your date.

sugar baby dating
Sugar daddy date ideas

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Idea 5. Offer your lady something adventurous.

Make the first date truly unforgettable for your sugar baby! Try some extreme. Offer your lady to go bungee jumping or skydiving. Of course, it is better to know in advance if your sugar babe is risky enough for such activities. Anyway, the idea of getting a little crazy together is wonderful as for the first date.

By going on a trip, you can break away from a boring routine and bring a lot of excitement to your relationship. This is why such dates are recommended even for those couples that have been dating for a long time. The novelty will help you keep your relationship strong.

During an adventurous date, you will experience tons of different things. Besides, physical activity releases endorphins and makes you fall in love with your partner again and again.

sugar daddy first date
Sugar relationships

3 unusual first date ideas for a ‘wow effect’

It is always a good idea to impress your lady, especially if it is the first date. Of course, it is not OK to invent something tricky or complicated, but being creative is always a plus. Here are 3 ideas for really surprising your girl.  

Idea 1. Organize a refined and unpretentious date

An exquisite and calm date is not suitable for all girls. Many sugar babies like to party and have fun. But if you know that your sugar baby is creative and is fond of modern art, she will be impressed with your idea. Visiting an opera or art gallery will help you to understand each other. Such dates usually are remembered for a long time because not many people visit art museums or operas nowadays. Besides, visiting some quiet and atmospheric locations is very romantic and will be an ideal first date sugar baby.

Even if you invite your sugar baby to a restaurant, you can opt for a place with a casual setting complemented by good cuisine and live music performances that add a memorable experience.

Experts believe that it’s better to forget about empty compliments and cheesy pick-up lines when going on the first date. Women are more attracted to men who can easily find an engaging conversation topic. Besides, it’s better to avoid thinking about unsuccessful dating experiences and go on the first date with an open mind.

sugar baby first date
Ideal first date sugar baby

Idea 2. Entertainment park

This type of date will suit you if you have an excellent amusement park in your city. If you know that your sugar baby is adventurous and likes to spend time having fun, stop on the date at the amusement park. Visiting an amusement park with your girl will be cheerful and very romantic and won’t require spending much sugar baby first date money. Especially on summer evenings, when the sun sets, you can spend time together and walk with your sugar baby around the night city after the rides.  

In addition, roller coasters are good for releasing endorphins and adrenaline. There are many exciting locations in theme parks that you can explore together during your date. Visiting amusement parks is one of the best ideas for Valentine’s Day date.

Theme parks offer a lot of exciting opportunities for spending time together. For instance, when visiting Universal Orlando Resort, you can spend a night at one of its hotels and enjoy a fine dining experience.

first sugar date
Sugar dating

Idea 3. Visit the concert of the favorite music band of your sugar baby

The shows always bring a lot of impressions and bright emotions. The only question is your partner’s musical preferences. If you find a common favorite artist, visiting his or her concert will be perfect for the first date. At the show of your favorite band, you will be able to have fun and get closer to each other.

Important: Keep the date idea a secret! 

Surprises have a special place in the memory of each person. Making a secret sugar daddy first date will show your sugar baby that you thought long and hard about the idea of a date and you tried your best to impress her.

The idea of such a meeting is that you should not notify your sugar baby in advance about where you are going to go. The only thing you can do is advise on clothes. It will add interest and will make your girl tremble with anticipation.

The sugar baby ideal first date examples mentioned above will help you impress your girl and organize the perfect date.

ideal first date
Sugar baby

Sugar baby first date tips

The first date often makes people nervous, but some tips and tricks will help to make it smooth and free of stress. Consider this sugar daddy first date advice to get an unmatched experience.

  • Put the focus on fun: you should feel absolutely free and light to remove tension on your first date. Don’t be afraid to tell jokes and enjoy the atmosphere fully.
  • Think of the possible topics to discuss: sometimes it may be difficult to start a conversation with the person you see for the first time. Finding several popular topics in advance is a way out for a start.
  • Prefer a public place: safety is the priority, so don’t hurry to accept the first offer of the place to meet made by your daddy. It would be better to politely suggest an alternative where you’ll feel absolutely comfortable and secure.
  • Dress to impress: the first impression is often the most memorable, and a classy and elegant look will be the right decision. Don’t look too sexy, or you may be taken for a woman of easy virtue.
  • Don’t hurry to negotiate your sugar baby allowance: it’s better to postpone this talk for later since nobody likes to be appreciated only for money and nothing else.
  • Try to limit your first date to an hour or two: any delays and staying too long may lead to some misunderstandings or wrong conclusions. Therefore, you should try to find convincing reasons to leave on time and discuss the next meeting if you like your new sugar daddy. In case you leave without saying anything, it may be regarded as refusal.

It seems clear that sugar dates have their own peculiarities, and you’d better be prepared for them to attract a daddy you like. These tips are definitely the thing to remember when you decide how to spend your first sugar date!

Make your first sugar date bright, interesting and pleasant. Be creative and enjoy your time with your sugar baby!

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