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How to Handle the Money Issues in the Relationship

Sooner or later there comes the time in a sugar relationship where numbers have to be discussed, which is something most sugar babies tend to dislike and dread. This is usually due to them being afraid of coming off too greedy and potentially scaring away a sugar daddy. Figuring out the allowance that a sugar baby will receive is a complex matter that should be taken seriously by both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby. There are countless amounts of factors that go into the decision-making process, as the money in question can range from a mere few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.

Appearance, age, and personality all play critical roles in this process, and it is common for some sugar babies to put themselves on pedestals high above other options without legitimate reasons. The idea of asking for money from a potential sugar daddy may seem terrifying to many, and this is completely natural. Most sugar babies are new to the game and have no clue on how to do it gracefully, without coming off in some negative way. Here are some tips to ease the process for both parties involved and not make a big deal out of it.

Figure out the terms of the arrangement

This is one of the most important aspects of handling the question of money . Considering every arrangement between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby will differ to some extent, it is important to set the terms based on a few key factors. Here are some of them:

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Is the sugar baby allowed to date other men or is she exclusively tied to her new sugar daddy? Typically, exclusive rights are followed by a bigger allowance .


How often is the sugar baby expected to meet her daddy? Depending on how much time she will be investing into him, the more she can count on. Anything that can be considered long-time commitment and involves spending nights or weekends together is expected to be paid for by a larger sum of cash in comparison to regular single night dates.

Secondary expenses

If the sugar baby is expected to travel somewhere or dress up in clothes she will have to shop for, it is safe to take these expenses into account and add them up to the allowance.

How much can the sugar daddy give?

It should be no surprise that most sugar daddies out there are wealthy men, that does not mean, however, that they have unlimited resources at their disposal. A common myth is that every sugar daddy is a multimillionaire and is ready to dispose of his cash like it's trash in need of being taken out. Often enough their money is going to be tied up in some kind of investments, or some of it will be going away to pay for his kids' tuitions in university, meaning he is not going to have as much left to spend on his sugar baby. This is one of the reasons sugar babies prefer finding daddies that are single and without kids.

Another point worth mentioning when deciding on the allowance is the location, which plays a huge role. Simply put, if a sugar baby is looking for a sugar daddy in small towns and cities, she will not find much success in landing herself a big allowance. It is considerably easier to negotiate a bigger allowance in major metropolitan cities in comparison to the countryside.

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How much does the sugar baby want?

No sugar baby is the same, they all want something specific, have different motivations and goals in life, so what is most important is that they know what they want and need right from the very beginning. Sugar babies should remember that they can always choose to date a part-time sugar daddy if there is no need for a multi-thousand-dollar allowance, but rather a few hundred a week, and commit most of the time they have on themselves and towards achieving their goals.

A great place to start the calculations is to count how much the sugar baby needs to live comfortably. This usually includes the rent, certain bills, and living expenses like food and money for going out occasionally. On top of that, it is wise to add the expected costs for material comforts such as clothing as well as a few extra bucks that will be saved for the future.

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