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How to Be the Perfect Sugar Baby And Keep Sugar Daddy Happy

Be Joyful and Happy

An emotion that does not seem to get all of the attention that it deserves, which is why some people seem to forget is one of the best aphrodisiacs out there. It is free to have and share, and tends to become more powerful the more you use it and spread it around those you care for and spend time with. Highly contagious, to say the least. It is critical that when you are in the presence of your sugar daddy that you share some of the positivity in your life with him, as this will leave a positive impression on him and leave him wanting more of you.

When you meet with your sugar daddy, the last thing he wants at that point in time is to hear you complaining about your life problems. This is double the problem for him since he is there to have a good time with you, but wait for it, even his money is not helping you transition into a more positive state of affairs. So what is stopping him from finding himself a more cheerful and happy sugar baby?

Do not fall into the trap of complaining about too long. It is obvious everything cannot be perfect, but try to spend your time with him in a way that leaves him grateful to be with you and wanting more. Happiness is addictive, so use that to your advantage.

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Be Grateful for What You Have

Gratitude is an expression that is simple to express and does not require anything but the will to show it. Think about it this way. When you give someone something, you cannot help but notice that their gratitude makes you appreciate the act that you did and makes you want to do so again. On the other hand, seeing no appreciation or acknowledgment from someone receiving a favor or a gift will likely leave you with a negative impression of them and lead you to not wanting to drop them any gifts or favors anytime soon. Show your sugar daddy that you are thankful for his company and are eternally grateful for what he is doing and helping you achieve and live the life that you want. Show your appreciation towards some of the smaller things he does, and you will notice that bigger things are prone to follow.

Learn to Give

No matter who you are or what you do in life, everyone likes givers. When a giver is present, that means that someone is receiving. Be it compliments, attention or love, everyone likes receiving and feeling good. If you expect to meet a genuine sugar daddy who enjoys giving to his sugar baby, you have to realize that the feeling must be reciprocated and returned for things to work out in both of your favors. Taking a sugar daddy's money and not giving anything in return is a surefire way for him to find himself a new baby to take care of, and have her take care of him.

Obviously it is a good idea that you know what you want from your new sugar relationship, and once you do, make sure to focus on the beautiful act of giving. Not because you need to give your sugar daddy something in return but because you want to. It is fairly simple and does not require any superhuman feats. Show him that you are genuinely interested in what he has to say, be a good listener, remember things he likes and is interested in and learn about them. Be thoughtful and generous in your actions towards him, and soon enough you will find that you will be receiving some pleasant things and experiences in return.

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Expand Your World

This is very important, not only for keeping your new sugar daddy interested and addicted to you but also because you must never stop the process of self-development and exploring what life has to offer to you. With a new influx of money, many sugar babies tend to find themselves with way too much free time that is wasted on endless amounts of meetups with girlfriends, lounging and never-ending shopping sprees. While you may be the eye candy that every guy out there will be willing to die for, never forget about building yourself up as a strong and independent woman.

Never stop learning. Use the newly free time that you have to explore options that you previously could not. Learn new things, give back to communities, explore both your inner and outside world and make sure to share your progress with your sugar daddy. Him being able to see how happy you are with your new achievements will bring a smile to his face and make him want to see more of you and your dreams being fulfilled.

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