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Have you ever considered how the most “skilled” sugar babies manage to stay successful, well-paid, and blow-away older men? That certainly can’t be called a “raw talent” that only Chosen women can boast of. Who is a perfect sugar baby? How to become one? We asked a real sugar baby what are the critical ingredients of keeping a sugar daddy contentful. Spoiler: this is not only about your look. So sit tight and find out how to keep a sugar daddy happy even if you’re entirely green to win-win relationships. Check out the best sugar dating websites—we give us all to test them for you!

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Let’s not rush to sign-up on another sugar site—get prepared and do your homework well to enhance your chances! Here is a breakdown of how to make a sugar daddy happy.

How to keep a sugar daddy happy?

Talking about a daddie’s “happiness”—what is it exactly? It’s reasonable to presume that a contentful, satisfied sugar daddy would give you more incentives and stay with you longer. Even though sugar relationships should never be lookalike love relationships, there is a common ground they share—the need to keep a male partner fulfilled. And here is how.

Be Joyful and Happy

An emotion that does not seem to get all of the attention that it deserves, which is why some people seem to forget is one of the best aphrodisiacs out there. It is free to have and share and tends to become more powerful the more you use it and spread it around those you care for and spend time with. Highly contagious, to say the least. It is critical that when you are in the presence of your sugar daddy you share some of the positivity in your life with him, as this will leave a positive impression on him and leave him wanting more of you.

When you meet with your sugar daddy, the last thing he wants at that point in time is to hear you complaining about your life problems. This is double the problem for him since he is there to have a good time with you, but wait for it, even his money is not helping you transition into a more positive state of affairs. So what is stopping him from finding himself a more cheerful and happy sugar baby?

Do not fall into the trap of complaining for too long. It is obvious everything cannot be perfect, but try to spend your time with him in a way that leaves him grateful to be with you and wanting more. Happiness is addictive, so use that to your advantage.

Be Grateful for What You Have

Gratitude is an expression that is simple to express and does not require anything but the will to show it. Think about it this way. When you give someone something, you cannot help but notice that their gratitude makes you appreciate the act that you did and makes you want to do so again. On the other hand, seeing no appreciation or acknowledgment from someone receiving a favour or a gift will likely leave you with a negative impression of them and lead you to not want to drop them any gifts or favours anytime soon. Show your sugar daddy that you are thankful for his company and are eternally grateful for what he is doing and helping you achieve and live the life that you want. Show your appreciation towards some of the smaller things he does, and you will notice that bigger things are prone to follow.

Learn to Give

No matter who you are or what you do in life, everyone likes givers. When a giver is present, that means that someone is receiving. Be it compliments, attention or love, everyone likes receiving and feeling good. If you expect to meet a genuine sugar daddy who enjoys giving to his sugar baby, you have to realize that the feeling must be reciprocated and returned for things to work out in both of your favour. Taking a sugar daddy’s money and not giving anything in return is a surefire way for him to find himself a new baby to take care of, and have her take care of him.

Obviously, it is a good idea that you know what you want from your new sugar relationship, and once you do, make sure to focus on the beautiful act of giving. Not because you need to give your sugar daddy something in return but because you want to. It is fairly simple and does not require any superhuman feats. Show him that you are genuinely interested in what he has to say, be a good listener, remember things he likes and is interested in and learn about them. Be thoughtful and generous in your actions towards him, and soon enough you will find that you will be receiving some pleasant things and experiences in return.

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Expand Your World

This is very important, not only for keeping your new sugar daddy interested and addicted to you but also because you must never stop the process of self-development and exploring what life has to offer to you. With a new influx of money, many sugar babies tend to find themselves with way too much free time that is wasted on endless amounts of meetups with girlfriends, lounging and never-ending shopping sprees. While you may be the eye candy that every guy out there will be willing to die for, never forget about building yourself up as a strong and independent woman.

Never stop learning. Use the newly free time that you have to explore options that you previously could not. Learn new things, give back to communities, explore both your inner and outside world and make sure to share your progress with your sugar daddy. His being able to see how happy you are with your new achievements will bring a smile to his face and make him want to see more of you and your dreams being fulfilled.

Divide Interests

It is worth realizing that you cannot build relationships on dates and travels only. If you want to know how to be a perfect sugar baby, you need to learn to share each other’s interests. For example, do you play chess? And he plays. So play together. You shouldn’t turn it into a competition (not yet), but the fact itself, if he teaches you how to play chess, this evening will be remembered for a long time. And then you will always have a way to spend time together. 

This applies to anyway to spend time. But the initiative does not always have to come from him. If you like melodramas and he likes horror movies, make him watch your favourite. I am sure he will burst into tears already at 30 minutes of a “Rain man”. After all, relationships are not only for reproduction but also for mutual enrichment! What makes you a good sugar baby, is bringing something new into his life and expanding his horizons, then you will have a good time.

It is necessary to let him know that you are not only a beautiful doll, but also have your own interests and hobbies. Discuss a book, play a game, watch a movie, or go to the theatre. This is the point, find each other, tell him about your favourite musical group, who knows, what if his ringtone for your call will change to their song?

Learn everything about him

No, you don’t need to hire a private detective. It is enough just to ask about the picture in his living room: who is it? Then he will understand that you are interested not only in the wallet but also in his life and environment. Sometimes it’s enough just to pay attention to his playlist or the logo on his shirt to understand what to ask about. One of the most important sugar baby requirements: be attentive to him and interested in his life.

Of course, you can go a more cunning and sophisticated way: look at which Facebook groups he subscribes to. If you come across unfamiliar terminology, for example, about trading or brokerage, just google it! Read it, it will be at least interesting, but for further relationships, it will be a huge plus.

In the end, men themselves are happy to talk about their interests. But with questions about work, we advise you to be careful. If you want to learn how to be the best sugar baby, you should know that oftentimes, Sugar Daddys work long hours and the work can be hard and tiring, so give them the opportunity to leave their job in their office. At the same time, do not neglect this topic, because in this case, your chosen one may think that it does not matter to you where and how he leaves so much time and effort.

Keep your intimate life exciting

As Sigmund Freud liked to say: “Sooner or later, everything ends in bed.” No matter how sophisticated and interesting a person you are, if you want to know how to be a good sugar baby, remember, one way or another it will come to sex. It would seem, what could be more obvious? But no, according to statistics, more than 35% of relationships end precisely because of intimate problems. Including Sugar dating. Any experienced man will tell you that good looks do not always indicate good sex ahead. So what are the main mistakes of inexperienced sugar babies? Let’s look into this issue:

  • Modesty or not. Yes, self-sufficient men love modest girls, but not when it comes to sex. Really perfect sugar baby/babies always know how to represent themselves. Show yourself, show what you are worth and make it clear that these figures cannot be calculated in bills because you are priceless!
  • Wardrobe. The Italian artist Francesco Goya said that the most interesting remains outside the canvas. Of course, the first appearance of a nude in front of your sugar daddy will forever be remembered, but for the second, third and tenth time, maybe you should think about a new set of underwear?
  • Readiness for experiments. Even 50 years ago, oral pleasures were something transcendent and inappropriate for a real lady. But time goes by and habits change. If your daddy likes some specific things – is it worth it to force him to keep them to himself? Who knows when the satisfaction of his desires will turn into your own idyll?

No one claims that you are obliged to turn into a slave to his desire. After all, a real gentleman remembers your needs. But if there is such an opportunity, if you want to learn how to be the perfect sugar baby try to play along with your sugar daddy and then you are guaranteed a successful relationship.

Can any girl succeed in being a sugar baby?

Yet even if you read more than one guide on how to make sugar daddy happy there is still someone you have to grasp—no relationships between two humans are built on instructions. There is no single blueprint for being the perfect sugar girl. 

Sometimes your real personality decides your success—it motivates you to improve yourself. Try out dating sites for sugar relationship finding and test your luck today!

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