Sugar Daddy Australia Blog 10 Common Sugar Mistakes

Sugar relationship is not going to survive if both partners regularly commit mistakes. Here are the most common 10 of them.

#1. SB: Being too straight about allowance

Being straightforward might be an excellent personal trait, but not when it comes to money in sugar dating. You should show your daddy that allowance is essential to you, but not more important than him. So do no go upfront about that on the first date or even before it.

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#2. SD: Being vague about rewarding

Not likewise sugar babies, sugar daddies should bring up the issue of allowance as early as possible. If your sugar girl tells you she expects not less than $6,000 per month plus gifts, cut a long story short if you can afford only $3,000.

#3. SD: Not discussing allowance early

Even if you can afford a lot, talk to her about the allowance at an early stage so as not to feel her uncomfortable and leave you before you open your mouth.

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#3. SB: Being busy

Sugar baby can never be fussy for a businessman. At least she cannot be busier than him – a person who runs a company or so. Therefore, do not skip meetings or flake on them if he invites you. Sugar dating is relaxation for wealthy guys but not the extra burden.

#4. SD: Rushing things to sex

If you are a sugar daddy, never invite a girl for sex before you go on a first date. It’s OK to say you are looking for a babe to hang out three times a week in the intimate entourage, but it isn’t OK to tell her you can’t wait to see her p***y.

#5. SB: Avoiding sex issues

There are two types of sugar dating with sex responsibilities and without. If you want to go into a platonic relationship, let your daddy know about it asap. Otherwise, you will waste his time and lose your money.

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#6. SB: Expecting too much

You too want to live a good life, but do not expect your daddy to provide everything for you – from paying for your education to new Balenciaga bag.

#7. SD: Setting standards high

Yes, you pay for your sugar baby, but remember she is a human and not capable of being ideal. You can easily replace her with somebody else but think first – is your judgment fair?

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#8. SB: Walk all over you daddy

You should never treat your daddy as if he’s a gold mine. You should treat him like a human: offer your help, suggest solutions to his problems, caress him and make him feel good.

#9. SD: Be prejudiced about your sugar baby

Never disrespect your date even if she’s a sugar one. She might be in need of money, or she prefers this style of life. You are in the same pot with her, so no blaming.

#10. Both: Cheating

If you decide there should be no cheating in your relationship, then don’t cheat. You can quickly lose your sugar partner, and the worst is – losing your reputation.

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