Sugar Daddy Australia Seeking Arrangement Reviews

ATTENTION: Seeking Arrangement no longer deals with sugar dating. We recommend Secret Benefits for finding a fab sugar baby or a generous sugar daddy💋. Seeking Arrangement is mainstream dating site.

If you want to establish a relationship on your terms, probe deeper into the mainstream dating concept. It is a great way to meet a person who meets your demands and maximally benefit from this interaction with providing for all your needs.

Looking for a beneficial relationship may be far from the idea of true unconditional love, but at least it is modern, honest and doesn’t fool people. If you know exactly who you are looking for and don’t feel ashamed to state it and say the numbers, you have quite high chances to find this person very quickly and be happy with the result you get.

For those purposes, special websites have been created. They match people who share some common interests and can be useful (or let’s say helpful) to each other. Spending your time and money on the site which is really worth it is important, so you don’t have any losses or disappointment. Here we review one of the Australian dating venues,, to see how suitable it is for those who want to build their relations on a firm financial base.

About the Seeking Arrangement site

Seeking Arrangement has been on the dating market for around a decade, and it is one of the leading online dating sites. It welcomes male and female members in their search for a perfect partner.

There is a surprisingly huge amount of people who are ready to say goodbye to the idea of love and emotions and have an absolutely calculative and in some sense even cynical approach to the whole principle of human interaction.

Whatever it is, the site serves both heterosexual and gay couples; if you are a young girl or boy looking for your soulmate, you are also welcome on this site — it is a special feature of it, by the way. Not every person dating venue has such a wide range of clients; usually, it is specialized in some particular type of couples.

The site provides diverse communicative services and helps you to find your match.

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Here is a piece of statistics which would be inspiring for men: this site has four times more young ladies profiles registered than mail profiles. It means that the chances for male users to find their match are very high, and you can always come back after dating one lady to find another one if you need it.

The profiles held on are quite minimal, they include the basic info about person’s appearance, some photos and, of course, a stated income (for men) and the expected input (for women). The prices are usually stated right in the profile, although you can always know more details talking to the woman or man privately.

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How does Seeking Arrangement work

After you give some information about yourself, the site will give you a list of matches who may seem interesting to you. The algorithm works on the basis of comparing income with demands, and if they fit, you can spot your potential partner on the list.

The registration is very fast and simple, but after it comes a long verification process which may take up to 48 hours. It is necessary for the safety of each site member and for raising your account reputation as well because the checked accounts attract more ladies as they are trustworthy.

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Safety policy

To keep all of its clients from a scam or other unpleasant things, Seeking Arrangement website provides a good safety policy. Although for the first glance it may seem an obstacle for using the site, the process of verification is really needed and important. Hence the staff knows that you are a real person and, what’s more, that you can communicate to the others with no sad circumstances.

For men the income verification is obligatory, otherwise, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the whole range of the site’s services. Together with this, the site team also provides the background check to make sure that the person gets money legally, is not a criminal and doesn’t make any danger to the others.

Seeking Arrangement’s moderators also strictly ban prostitution and don’t let the hints on it exist on the site. Naming an honest price for a company is far from actually offering sex; the things which are inappropriate aren’t honored at

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What is offered at Seekingarrangement website

As the site has been created for communication and finding your perfect date , the majority of services is connected with the conversations. Apart from the regular chats, messages, and emails, Seeking Arrangement offers you an entertaining blog where you can find diverse funny and useful information. It includes some dating tips, some statistics about the site members and also jokes and anecdotes on the topic.

Talking about the profiles, there are some privacy settings that you are allowed to change if you like. For instance, you can hide your country if you don’t want the others to see it. You can also hide your «online», so the other members don’t know you are being active on the site.

Girls are allowed to have a private photo gallery, and men only get access to it when the lady lets it happen.

If you want to send your match a gift, you can use Amazon Wishlist service, connected to the site.

Seekingarrangement review

Seekingarrangement Pricing

It’s always good to know what you pay for and be sure that you don’t waste your money. Seeking Arrangement can’t be named a cheap website, but the value for price is more than reasonable.

There are three basic types of membership, and they all depend on the sum of money you buy it for.

  1. Standard. You get it right after the registration. It includes the chance to fill in your account and browse through the pages of other users. You also get 10 free messages to send.
  2. Premium. This one lets you use the communicative functions and even look through some private pictures for extra payment. Remember that you also pay for the incoming messages if you want to read them.
  3. Diamond Club. This membership allows you to have the whole range of services possible and you don’t get to be unpopular: the team of the site makes everything to move your account to the top.

So, the basic pricing is:

  • 1 Month $79.95
  • 3 Months $209.85 (13% Savings)
  • 6 Months $359.70 (25% Savings)

We are happy to remind that the premium membership for ladies is free of charge.


Can you chat live on Seeking Arrangement?

Yes, you can. In addition to traditional written communication tools, there’s a video chat feature that allows seeing your potential companion before meeting him or her.

What are search filters on Seeking Arrangement?

Finding people is as easy on Seeking Arrangement as ABC. You can search by location, distance from you, age, height, habits, net worth, education, number of kids, language, relationships, ethnicity, membership status, and many others.

Can you make a profile private on Seeking Arrangement?

Yes, you can. Certain parts of the profile information can be set private, including the gallery of pictures. Users should ask for permission to see them.

Is Seeking Arrangement safe?

Seeking Arrangement is a popular dating platform that pays much attention to users’ security. It conducts background checks, including users’ income and identity, operates within the arm of the law, and protects personal details provided by users with SSL encryption.

What countries is Seeking Arrangement available in?

The website says about active members from over 139 countries, so it’s available in 8 languages.

Why has Seeking Arrangement changed its URL?

The platform was originally called, but nowadays people access it using the URL. It was done to prevent Seeking Arrangement from being associated with prostitution and illegal activities. It happened soon after the adoption of the law to prohibit online sex trafficking.

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  1. No way I would now go anywhere but Seeking Arrangement. There are so many sugar babes to date, with sane requirements and conditions, that elsewhere doesn’t even seem interesting.

  2. As the Seeking Arrangement site is for sugar daddy/sugar babies, there is a lot of scam on this website where women approach men only for their money. I’ve personally come across a lot of fake profiles, scammers and prostitutes that are there only for fun and have no intention of a real relationship.

  3. Seeing so many beautiful young ladies drives me crazy. How can you choose only one? I love Seeking Arrangement for the approach they have towards users, customers. It feels that they care.

  4. The hardest part of dating is to find your partner. Here everyone is looking for the same thing, you are in a space of same-view people. I love that!

  5. Finally, I found the dating platform where I can true about myself and where people I meet understand and value my intentions and views on relationships.

  6. Seeking Arrangement is a perfect site for those who don’t have much time and want to spend free time efficiently. It helps to find a match very quickly with maximum accuracy.

  7. I like it there because the site is very easy to use, and I got everything in a couple of minutes. It brings together those people who really search for each other. I like it that there are only sugar babes and no girls who want love and constant attention.

  8. I see many women who know their worth and are not afraid to tell it. Great website, really. That’s so easy to find a woman here.

  9. For me finding a woman wasn’t a challenge at all, but I turned to Seeking Arrangement to find the one, who meets my requirements. And again – it wasn’t a challenge at all too. Like it!

  10. I like the site. It is better than those that I’ve tried, a lot of thanks to its specialization. It’s comfortable in use, and the customers seem to know what they are looking for on the site. I will go on using it as I think I may need it some time again.

  11. Seeking Arrangement is definitely the best one in its category. Very easy searching and accurate matching. That is worth all the money.

  12. The best sugar daddy dating site ever. Here it is so easy to find a man that you need, and the chances are high. There is a wide variety of male profiles, so I could get familiar with any of them before actually dating. I now have an allowance that I needed, thanks to Seeking Arrangement.

  13. Seeking Arrangement had profiles of a lot of beautiful women, and this is where it didn’t seem genuine. You cannot be sure if these women are this beautiful in real life also.

  14. Finally it is possible for me to meet a man who wouldn’t claim me for wanting sponsorship. Seeking Arrangement, you’re great.

  15. Seeking Arrangement is a nice venue. I have already tried regular dating sites, but the men I met there didn’t share my views on the relationship and expected something different from me. It’s cool when you can be honest about your intentions, and the partner supports you.

  16. Seeking Arrangement site provides free membership to the women while the men are expected to pay if they want to chat with other women. I believe that in some cases it may act as a boon for the ladies but for sure scrounges the men off their money.

  17. I never liked people’s attitude towards sugar daddies. Sometimes I feel these looks and judgment. But here, on Seeking Arrangement, everyone is looking for the same thing.

  18. The site turned out to be the best dating platform I have ever tried! I liked both the design and the service. It was so easy to use, and the support answered my questions when there were some. Also, I’ve found my sugar daddy thanks to the website, so I’m totally satisfied.

  19. Seeking Arrangement has arranged my spare time. I needed a woman who would understand and support my idea of a relationship, and I found one here. The site was a real help to me, I’m glad that I came across it a few months ago.

  20. Sugar daddy dating is my thing, and I needed to find a decent and reliable man for myself. I managed to do it here. The searching tools are great, and the matchmaking is advanced, offering only those partners that are interesting.

  21. It is easy to create temporary fake profiles. I, therefore, cannot directly blame the Seeking Arrangement site but people do create fake profiles and lure you into their talks. If you appear to be naïve, they ask you for favors and if you are not smart enough, you end up losing a lot of money.

  22. Seeking Arrangement is the first site I tried and I immediately stopped here. It is simple, nice and easy. And it hosts a lot of handsome men. You have a choice, with whom to be.

  23. I have searched on the Internet a lot to find a site that would meet my demands. This one certainly did, as it was the only one that brought the result and helped me to meet a man that I needed. I also like that it’s specified.

  24. Seeking Arrangement is easy, intuitive and modern. It can be used from various platforms and what is the most important – it introduces ladies who share your values.

  25. It was hard for me to find a partner I want on regular dating websites, but fortunately, my friend recommended me this one. Here I’ve found a man I really like and we are being in touch for 3 months already. It seems like before that I had no life.

  26. I didn’t have a clear idea of what a sugar daddy dating website is until I tried Seeking Arrangement. This one was straightforward to use and appeared to be quite effective in matchmaking. It is not a trouble to find a decent lady. Would recommend it for sure.

  27. I have spent only two months on Seeking Arrangement and found a lady that I needed. The service is perfect, and we succeeded to establish the necessary agreement. I like it that everybody here is smart and understanding, they know what they came for.

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