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As for now, the Internet is a perfect solution to many issues. If you are not in the mood to spend a lot of time dating wrong people and want to find a suitable partner, you have the dating sites.

Emily Dates is among the best Australian online dating venues, and it brings good results for its members. Many couples have already been formed thanks to this source, and it goes on helping men and women all around the world establish their private life.


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You have to remember that this particular venue specializes in relationships based on financial prosperity — in other words, female members of are looking for Australian sugar daddies there. If it is your cup of tea and you want to know more about the site, we are glad to present a review covering the most important issues.


Emilydates is an Australian site where people come clearly understanding what they expect from their potential partners. The demands are usually clearly stated either in the profile information or the dialogue when it comes up to one. If you want an honest relationship on your own terms, you are in the right place to start it.

Sugar daddy concept of dating may look a bit too straightforward, but if you go deeper, you will see that it can be even better than a regular love search. No strings attached, and you have to talk your demands through right away. It is fair regarding your partner and sets some borders which regulate the development of your relations.

When you have an agreement, you don’t expect less or more than you have stated, that’s why arguments are not the problem — they are avoided thanks to this concept.

As a rule, females come to sugar daddy sites to find someone who can support them financially and establish a high standard of living by purchasing the best gadgets, outfits, and properties.

The reason men come to look for sugar babies is easy: they simply want to have a beautiful company and support around, and no other obligations included.

Every member has his or her own reasons and goals, and whatever they are, they meet each other on sites like Emily Dates and find a match.

EmilyDates search
EmilyDates members


The fact that new profiles appear on the website daily gives us a hint on the quality of the site. It has been working for years and still attracts users. Both males and females register their account to find their Australian sugar daddy or sugar baby. By the way, the amount of ladies’ pages is slightly bigger, which is good news for men as it increases their chances to find a perfect match.

The profiles usually consist of basic information about a person, some details about the appearance, like eye and hair color, height and so on. You can also add some bio if you find it necessary, but usually the members try to state their expectations and opportunities, so you can see it right from the moment you open their account.

It significantly saves your time and eases the communication, so there are no mysteries between the two when it comes to the dialogue. You can see if it is someone you need or not by simply reading it on the profile. Everything to make your search efficient.

EmilyDates profile
EmilyDates profile


Registration on Emily Dates is very fast and free, so minutes after you have created your account you can start looking for your sugar babe or sugar daddy. However, there is an obligatory verification procedure you must go through.

It is a part of the site safety measures. What they want to check is, first of all, if you do exist and are a real person, and, secondly, your aim of coming to the website. The site team doesn’t want any fake account which can be a potential threat to the other site members. The scam protection is working well on, and if you notice some suspicious activity, you can always contact the support to help you resolve this case.

emilydates review


Protecting your private data is task number one to the site’s team. Experts work carefully to make sure that your personal information is not delivered to the third parties.

However, you also have to use common sense and remember about some easy rules or online interaction. You are always the first one to protect yourself from fraud.

Besides, sugar daddy sites are rarely visited by scammers because here it is hard to steal money because of the whole idea of mutually beneficial relations.

Anyway, one more stage of protection is checking and verifying any links given on the site.


As is a dating site, first of all, it provides communication services like chatting, instant messages and mailing. Only male members here pay for the services as it meets the logic of sugar daddy relationship idea.

Emily Dates can help you in a date organization. However, it is always more focused on supporting the communication online.

EmilyDates chat
EmilyDates chat

With the Premium Status of an account, you get access to more functions, like unlimited messages, getting to see the hidden pictures on some profiles and also exchanging contact information.

If the behavior of some site members is inappropriate, you can always block them is a couple of clicks.

There is an FAQ section on the bottom of the main page, so you can read it in case you have any questions. Privacy policy, terms of use and payment rules are stated there as well.

emily dating site


As we have already mentioned, the membership is free for women. In other cases, there is a credit package system actual for the other users.

You buy credits in packs and then spend it on any type of communication you find attractive.

Here is the average pricing.

  • 25 credits – $49.99
  • 50 credits – $59.99
  • 150 credits – $124.99
  • 500 credits – $299.99

As you can see, there is a slight economy if you buy bigger packages, but it’s only up to you to decide what amount of it you need. To be fair, you can spend quite a lot of credits on the messages, so think twice before making your purchase.

what is emily dates


Emily Dates
is a good site if you want to find your sugar daddy or sugar babe. Everything there is established to help you, and the stuff honestly does its job.

It brings good service to the users and protects their data. The anti-scam system is good and active, so you can feel that you are not in danger. is worth trying, so go for it, and maybe it will be a fateful turn in your life.


Can you use Emily Dates on mobile?

Yes, you can. The website is fully responsive and runs smoothly on mobile browsers. However, you also can download a mobile app on Google Play to have it always at hand.

What do colorful dots next to users’ names mean?

These are signs that indicate a user’s status. A green dot says a user is online, while a yellow one means a member has recently left the platform. A green tick is a sign that a user has provided its profile description with a photo.

What is Premium Status?

When you update your profile status for a premium one, you enjoy unlimited interaction with girls, exchange contact details, and access all the photos on the profile album.

Why can a chat be blocked on Emily Dates?

There are two main reasons for that: the premium membership has already expired; a girl sends contact details to a man. The dialogue will be unblocked immediately when the premium membership is updated.

Why are photos uploaded with delays on Emily Dates?

Because the team checks the details you’ve provided. Customer support ensures that photos are compliant with the website rules, and this check may last up to 12 hours.

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Sam is a professional matchmaker with over 25 years of experience in the dating industry. Throughout his career, Sam has acquired a natural knack for understanding the needs of singles who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships.
  1. It is not that easy to meet a lady who would totally share your opinion about the relationship and what it should be. Luckily, there are sites like Emily Dates which do bring you together with a partner that you needed. That’s how I found a lady for the company.

  2. Emily Dates is the reason why I switch on my computer at all. It is so easy to find a partner here for different purposes and with various background. Loved it!

  3. I got lucky the minute I registered here. Emily Dates brought me so much confidence and assurance that I am doing everything right. I feel how I am changing day after day for better.

  4. Online-dating has acquired a new meaning for me. Now I really believe that it works and that you can find your partner like this. I even prefer such a method to meetings in bars or cafes.

  5. I am a fan of online-dating and tried many services before came across Emily Dates. With all my experience behind I can assure that it is the best website for matching due to its algorithms.

  6. I met so many ladies here and each of them was really nice and open. Now I am dating online one girl and everything goes pretty good. So I am grateful to Emily Dates.

  7. Alonso
    I talked to a number of girls here, and all they were trying to get through me was money. When I started talking to them they were told that they are from a particular country but when I asked them about their country they didn’t know much about it.

    • allowance is a key to sugar dating, so money is the topic you should discuss.
      well, today, not many people know much about their countries, so you shouldn’t worry!

  8. It may seem simple to find a girl, whom you will support financially, but it’s not, actually. Emily Dates already found them and you just have to choose the one you like.

  9. I got caught by the good reviews and decided to give it a try. I didn’t regret, and now I am a happy sugar baby. I have chatted with a few gentlemen here so that I could choose. The platform is perfect for communication, especially if you have a specific goal.

  10. I would give this website an A+ for its convenience, accuracy, and database. I enjoy meeting people here and you are always sure that they are adequate and looking for the same things as you are.

  11. The EmilyDates site allows you to scroll through its web page free of cost. But if you want to talk to a person, you have to go through the membership option. So, without actually knowing if the women are worth investing money in, you’ll have to pay for the membership. Not recommended!

    • a paid membership allows the company to function and provide you with the best services, including prevention of scams

  12. I planned to find a sugar daddy. Thanks to Emily Dates, it happened. The men here are very interested in a ladies’ company, so they are active in communication and don’t leave you unattended. A nice venue to reach your goals.

  13. I find it really cool how easy the communication is here. Women looking for sponsorship agree to date on your terms. This is more that I used to get from a relationship trying to date girls from the streets.

  14. I’m not a fan of dating sites, but this one got me. It is worth money spent because it is useful, positive and just nice to use. I like the setting, and the communication services are so comfortable. I adore the ladies here, they all are so beautiful.

  15. The platform works perfect, I have already met a couple of women that suit me. EmilyDates appears to be more effective than the other sugar sites.

  16. Becoming a sugar baby is not so easy if you don’t know where to look for a sugar daddy. This site is a great place to do your search and meet a real man who can fix your financial problems. It is easy to have an agreement and start the interaction.

  17. How much easier could it be to establish a relationship with a sugar baby, knowing that the IS ready to become a sugar baby? Emily Dates is doing a great job.

  18. For me, Emily Dates became a place where I can fulfill my dreams. There are so many active girls online that you can ask for go out! Perfect

  19. The EmilyDates site kept crashing down from time to time. It took me quite a while to find the girl, and when I finally did and started the talk, the page just got freeze even when there was no problem from the internet connectivity, and later on, I couldn’t find her profile again.

  20. It is such a cool site! I have already had my account on the other ones for some time, but Emily Dates was the only one to bring a positive result so fast. It is easy to find a partner here as the number of female accounts is huge. The ladies are active in communication, which is great.

  21. I was looking for a dating site that would really bring me a girl to date. The other platforms I have tried were nothing special, and I have only wasted my money. Emily Dates is a different thing, here I have chatted a lot and even met the girls. Just as I needed.

  22. I would rate this site as 5/5. The service was very good, and it was really pleasant to spend my time on this site. The users are checked, and that’s what I like a lot. I can trust the people registered here, so when I find a sugar daddy, I know that he is reliable.

  23. I like it. First I was skeptical, but then after having used it for a while, I have changed my opinion. This site is a bit different from the others of the same kind, but it is very easy to use, and I, as a newcomer, felt comfortable and cool. Ladies are active and pretty.

  24. I’ve tried dating for a long time, and Emily Dates was my last try. Fortunately, it changed the situation for me and I found a girlfriend. I hope our relationship will last.

  25. It is a miracle how this website works. It unites people from different places together and the matching is always so accurate. I am 100% satisfied with the service provided.

  26. Emily Dates is very simple and convenient. There are so many women there online, they are open to communication, you can talk to anyone you like. Perfect!

  27. Not much to my surprise. I came across multiple profiles on EmilyDates with the same profile picture but different user names. The ladies on this site are for sure not real and are trying to get money from desperate men. The catch is that we don’t know that even after spending so much on them via the internet if there is any chance that we will actually meet them.

  28. Great female profiles is the reason why I choose Emily Dates. Here you can know everything about a woman and make her a direct offer. That eases the communication a lot.

  29. The site has proven its efficiency by delivering the real results. I am not the only one who managed to find a partner thanks to its services so that I can confirm the quality of this dating platform. If you are looking for a sponsor, try this site, as it can be very helpful.

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