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As it often happens, girls register on sugar dating websites and… Get disappointed. Why? Because they didn’t ask and so haven’t received answers to questions, each newcomer in sugar dating should ask. Here are both questions to ask potential sugar daddy and ones to ask sugar dating experts if you’re a novice baby. Let’s start with the points for beginners!

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#1. I still haven’t got a sugar daddy! Maybe it’s just not for me?

You know better whether you are cut out for this or not.

But anyway, calm down and… get more patient! Indeed, it is not that easy to find a real sugar daddy. Finding the right man can take months if not the entire year. So while you are in search of your “custodian”, make sure you have other resources to live on.

#2. Is the problem in my profile?

Perhaps. If you still haven’t got a sugar daddy, then review your profile. Primarily, improve the visual part of your account: upload only high-quality photos of yours. There should be at least one full body photo, one close-up and one photo of you in an evening gown. You should look gorgeous everywhere, so don’t be greedy for getting a professional photographer.

Concerning your profile description – focus there on what you can offer your daddy instead of taking.

#3. Is this a fraud?

Sugar dating – no, but some so-called “sugar daddies” are scammers. Don’t agree for sex before the allowance and do not disclose your personal and payment information to a man, he might screw you up.

#4. Will anybody teach me?

No. You aren’t at school. If you want to learn more about sugar dating, browse online, read blog posts, watch videos and get acquainted with other girls’ and daddies’ reviews.

questions to ask a sugar daddy before meeting

#5. Is sex obligatory?

Well, there are platonic relationships, but they occur once in a blue moon. Wealthy men look for a relationship without commitment, and it is rare to see a relationship without sex involved.

#6. Can I communicate with my sugar daddy only online?

That’s not a relationship, and if you read somewhere about it – forget it, it’s a lie. Moreover, if you get involved in an “online-relationship-only,” there’s a high possibility you have encountered a fraudster. Earlier or later he (or even she) will ask you for payment details to allegedly send you a present. But really, who does that?

#7. Can I encounter a sugar mama?

This is as rare as finding a platonic relationship. The thing is that nowadays women’s salaries are still lower than the men’s ones and women tend to obtain lower positions. Hence, a real sugar mama is a scarcity. You are more likely to bump into a profile of a “sugar mama”-scammer than the actual one.

#8. When do I get my allowance?

When you arrange it with your daddy. And that should be only before sex, not after.

#9. When should I bring up the allowance question?

ASAP – right after the first personal meeting. If he doesn’t bring up this topic, you do. Otherwise, you might not notice how you appeared in the hands of a scammer.

#10. How much should I ask?

It’s up to you. You can also decide whether you want weekly or monthly payments and gifts included.

Questions to ask your sugar daddy

Like sugar daddy asks questions about sugar dating experience, sugar babies want to know about their potential partners more too. Let’s find out which questions babies usually prepare to ask sugar daddy.

  • What do you expect from this arrangement? — This question will help you to find out if you’re ready to give your wealthy partner everything he might wish.
  • Have you had arrangements before, and if yes, why have they ended? — His answer will clarify what mistakes have been made in the previous relationships to avoid them in the future ones.
  • How do you prefer to contact a sugar baby of yours? — You should ensure that a new patron isn’t against your calls and messages. Some males don’t hurry to give personal contact details and prefer only online interaction.
  • Are you looking for NSA or potential relationships with a sugar baby? — This question allows you to understand whether you can expect further development of the relationships or come to terms with getting only physical satisfaction.
  • Do you provide mentorship and help with career promotion? — Being in relationships with a sugar daddy brings about lots of new experiences, and it’s not only a pleasant time together. You can get other benefits, so don’t be afraid to ask about them too.
  • What about the allowance amount, and is it negotiable? — Every sugar baby wants to get financial assistance from her sugar daddy, so you’ll have to ask this question if he doesn’t suggest his sum. Some men set clear non-negotiable frames for the allowance amount. You should be aware of that too.

Now you know all the questions to ask potential sugar daddy. Clear up all the important points with your daddy and enter new relationships without any doubts!

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