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Providing your sugar baby with a monthly allowance is always a good idea, but it might be boring sometimes. Your sugar relationship is not a job but a relationship, and romance and affection must always be in the first place. The best way to express your feelings to a sugar baby is by presenting her gifts.

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Now the question is: which kind of gifts should those be? Here are seven ideas of the best presents for the sugar baby you’re dating.

Why Your Sugar Baby Deserves a Gift

You spent so much time with your sugar baby. You got to know her, spent lovely evenings, brought each other happy memories and mutually benefited from the relationship. If that’s not enough to be a strong reason to make her happy, then what is?

  • Firstly, consider the sugar baby’s interests and preferences. Perhaps, during the dating, she told you about her likes and wishes.
  • Secondly, think of the items that are popular or widespread today. Maybe, she would like to receive one as a gift. For example, more and more people are turning to fitness trackers or smartwatches as they ease our daily routine and help to deal with everyday issues.

You can’t go wrong if choose something for the wellbeing, such as SPA treatment, massage or a day in a beauty salon.

1. A huge teddy bear and dozens of long-stemmed roses

Each woman is a little girl deep inside, so is your sugar baby. Surprise her with a gigantic brown or cream-coloured teddy bear and a huge bouquet of long red roses. It must be the dream of each girl to get such a present from her partner, so do this for her!

gift ideas for sugar daddy

2. A trip to the Mediterranean

The more you appreciate your sugar baby, the more you should «spoil» her. A good way for doing this is by presenting her with an amazing trip to one of the Mediterranean countries. If your sugar baby adores sunbathing on the beach, let her enjoy the seaside in the south of Spain, France or Greece.

3. A visit to beauty-salon

What can be better for a girl than spending an entire day in a beauty salon? Having done everything from the tips of her hair to the tips of her nails? Thai massage, cryotherapy, sugaring, gold masks for glowing skin — the list of unusual beauty procedures may keep going on, so it’s up to you what to surprise your sugar baby with.

sugar baby gift ideas

4. A skydiving session

Does your sugar baby enjoy extreme types of sport? Does she prefer hiking over regular dating? Then she may enjoy spending some time in the sky, better — with you (if you aren’t scared, of course).

5. A bottle of luxurious wine

Women love wine. It relaxes them, it tastes good, it makes them talk easily. If you want to make your sugar baby feel fine, present her a bottle of expensive red, white to better rose or even blue wine — she will be in cloud nine, trust us!

gifts to ask your sugar daddy for

6. Coverage of her tuition fees, bills, etc.

What does a sugar baby want? She wants love and, definitely, support. If you decide to support her in educational or entrepreneurial endeavours, she will go crazy in her love to you! Does she want to launch a startup? Does she plan to pursue higher education? Then help her cover those expenses — it would the best present ever!

7. Belgian chocolate

Sometimes overly expensive and big presents are not needed to express love. A bar of bittersweet chocolate would speak for itself. Give your sugar baby Belgian or any other premium chocolate, and her heart will melt down — you know how much women adore chocolate, right?

gift ideas for sugar baby

These were top-7 gifts that any sugar baby would like to get from her sugar daddy — make sure yours gets one of them!


Presenting your sugar baby with earrings and necklaces is a serious step. If you feel that you are ready to do it and if you are willing to give her an expensive gift, that nothing can suit a woman more than elegant jewelry.

what to ask your sugar daddy for christmas


What a fine gift by the end of the year. By giving the girl lingerie you can make your fantasy come true one day with her in bed. Moreover, you can give her something that makes you horny. If it is not a perfect way to end a year, then what is?

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