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Inside a ‘Sugar Baby Summit’: How to Meet Sugar Daddies

Sugar Baby Summit is an annual event that is held in big cities like London, LA or New York. During that the ladies who call themselves sugar babies gather to listen to the experts, share their own experience, talk on the important topics and get to meet some new people. They are not learning how to seduce men, as many people think. Generally, this Summit is a network of like-minded individuals who get together for the knowledge on the specialized topics.

sugar dating meaning

Where and when?

This year the event was held in New York on April, 13. Seeking Arrangement hosted the Summit. It is the first site created for helping sugar babies and sugar daddies find each other. The Summit doesn’t have anything to do with the feminist movement or other activities that get more and more popular these days. However, the topics that got discussed this year were quite close to some of its aspects.

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Speaking of sugar dating

The people who were new to the whole sugar dating thing had the chance to ask seasoned sugar babies and sugar daddies about their experience of this type of interaction. One of the most controversial issues was the definition and goal of sugar dating. After all, the decision was made: sugar dating is not about money. It is mostly about establishing a relationship where partners learn to respect each other’s feelings and needs.

Among the speakers, there were:

  • Christina Friscia - a digital marketing and branding agency owner, a former sugar baby;
  • Brandon Wade - the founder of Seeking Arrangement;
  • Carl Foster - a radio and TV host, a former sugar daddy.

sugar baby summit

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What was important

Each of the speakers highlighted separate points of the aspect. Friscia talked about the meaning of gender roles in a sugar relationship. She emphasized that a sugar daddy likes to be appreciated like helpers. Wade pointed out that the goals of a sugar baby and a sugar daddy have to match. That is the only condition that makes any relationship work, and so sugar dating is also based on this rule. Foster told about his own experience of sugar dating and explained how important it was to measure the demands and talk the things through.

What sugar dating really is

All three panelists draw people’s attention to the fact that sugar dating is not about sex and money. It is more about using the ability to negotiate and form an alliance where each of the two members can benefit with no losses.

Sugar Baby Summit makes an effort to spread the idea of what sugar dating really is and give the clear image of it to as many people as possible.

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