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Sugaring attracts open-minded seductive girls and wealthy men who want to dive into a world of pleasure with no stress and strings attached. Searching for an extra allowance, young ladies find this industry a fulfilling experience bringing not only money but satisfaction too. Sugar daddy pays sugar baby for a pleasant and stress-free relationship, covering the needs of both sides. But do sugar babies have to sleep with sugar daddies? Are there any obligations in terms of intimacy? Keep reading to get the honest and objective answer!

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Do sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies?

First of all, men dive into the sugar world because they don’t have enough time or desire to start a serious romantic affair. Some are divorced, others are married, but the same thing connects all sugar daddies — lack of pleasant emotions and women’s attention. Sugaring is a flexible type of relationship where men feel like they’re helping a young lady. Paying for vacations, pricey restaurants, and giving money or gifts, they expect you to make them a company. But what about sex?

In sugaring, there are no obligations that can’t be discussed. Some connections include sex in case of only mutual desire, but it isn’t a rule. When you both want to have intimacy, you may discuss sleeping with your sugar daddy. But basically, sugar dating with sex brings more allowance. Sugar daddies who aren’t focused on sex tend to give their sugar girls monthly support, while men seeking intimacy gift their sugar babies with cash on a date-by-date basis.

Do sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies?—Sara-Kate interview

Each sugar baby chooses their style of cooperation with the sugar daddy. Online publication Insider interviewed sugar baby Sara-Kate, who writes memoirs about her five years experience of dating various sugar daddies. 

Sara-Kate considers sugar dating an excellent opportunity to make money without spending a lot of effort, and without having sex with sugar daddy. She met many men during her 5-year sugar-dating adventures, but she did not have sex with any. Take, for example, one story that the girl shared with Insider:

“When I moved to New York shortly after graduation, I had a sugar daddy with whom I spent the weekends. He had a room at the Plaza, and he provided a monthly allowance of $4,000. We went to museums, dined, and, eventually, the relationship became intimate.”

And then you should decide whether you are concentrated on sleeping with your sugar daddy, or not. Sarah-Kate chose to quit as she disagreed with the sexual kind of relationship:

Having sex with a partner, whether they were a sugar daddy or not, had to be something that organically and with explicit consent

says Sara-Kate for Insider
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No matter how much sugar daddy did for a sugar baby, how many expensive gifts he gave her, or how many bills he paid, he can not demand her to have sex with him. If you doubt is having a sex with sugar daddy wrong, the answer is no. A sugar relationship can be considered healthy as long as both partners feel safe and satisfied. When sugar baby thinks that their sugar relationship becomes intimate or romantic without her will, she can quit, as did Sara-Kate.

Do sugar daddies who don’t look for no-sex dating exist?

When sugar babies consider all the advantages and disadvantages of sugar dating, one of the questions that come to their mind is, “Do sugar babies have to sleep with sugar daddies?”. Many girls find it impossible to make money so easily. To dispel this myth, it is better to know the opinion of sugar daddy from the first person.

The Insider has interviewed Carl Foster, a successful businessman. But man has his secrets. Carl Foster is also a sugar daddy who enjoys spending time with sugar babies.

However, he is outraged that most people believe that sugar baby having sex with them is the key point of sugar relationships.

A lot of times, when you get responses, you can tell that they’re just looking to get paid for sex. And I don’t want that. I’m looking for an honest relationship that can maybe lead to something with no strings attached

– says Carl Foster for Insider

You can meet a sugar baby says she’s “addicted” to having sex for vacations, but it is not how all sugar babies live. Carl is looking for girls with whom he can have a good time. After all, when you have sex with the sugar baby, your relationship goes beyond the concept of sugar dating.

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Carl Foster is not interested in a serious relationship, and on the contrary, he would like to spend time with a girl without any connections.

As you can see, not all sugar daddies are looking for sugar babies who want to have sex with sugar daddy. After all, sex leads to more responsibility and close relationships, which is usually not interesting for sugar daddies.

Sugar daddies may also look for:

  • Communication online or during meetings. Some sugar daddies want sugar babies to listen about their achievements in the business. Telling your sugar daddy how successful and magnificent he is maybe the only thing he needs.
  • A beautiful doll. Lots of sugar daddies want to see beautiful ladies by their side. They want to have dinner with a gorgeous girl, make other men envy, or invite a cute and stylish lady to a business meeting like a companion.

There are many sugar daddies on dating websites, and each sugar daddy has his own goal. If you have decided on sugar dating without sex, mention it in your bio and warn sugar daddy at the start of the relationship.   

Get rid of misconceptions about sleeping with your sugar daddy

Being not familiar with sugaring, some ladies may think that men pressure sugar girls to have sex. In fact, all these details are clear from the very beginning. Sugar ladies state their services and expected allowance in their accounts, while sugar daddies list their preferences and needs. By browsing profiles, it’s possible to understand what to expect from the connection.

Numerous sugar girls admit that some sugar daddies don’t want to have intimacy if there’s no emotional connection or passion. They really just want to spend a pleasant time dining with a gorgeous woman, joking, and flirting with her. Sugar men allow their partners to be blunt about their wishes and needs. If your preferences change, feel free to share them. Do sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies because they are obliged to do it? No, only those who want intimacy are involved in it.

In the case of sugar sexual connection with cash, it can’t be called prostituting. Although sugaring considers getting an allowance for dates and possible intimacy, it differs from just a one-time exchange. Being much more than this, it involves a fun time people spend together, vacations, dinners in restaurants, and presents. Also, it can include sex but without extra cash. Compared to prostituting, sugaring brings more freedom in a partner and activity choice.

Also, in 2009, around 50 American states criminalized prostitution, which the federal government considers a crime. While prostitution laws differ in various states, the Model Penal Code (MPC) defines it as “engaging in sexual activity in business.” But in terms of sugaring, it isn’t a business, it’s a mutual decision of two people to spend free time together, with sex or not.

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Sleeping with your sugar daddy

Sleeping with your sugar daddy: How to make things clear

Do all sugar babies sleep with sugar daddies? Actually no, so it;s important to detect the needs and preferences of both sides. To get only a pleasant sugar dating experience without disappointment, follow the next tips:

  • Write about your attitude to sex with sugar daddies in your account
  • Read sugar daddies’ pages to detect their needs (whether they include sex)
  • While interaction, gently set boundaries with your sugar partner
  • Discuss the possible opportunity or obstacles for having intimacy and its cost.

Being uncomfortable with sleeping with your sugar daddy, make it clear not to disappoint your sugar partner and maintain harmony in the relationships.

Newbies to sugaring often ask, “‎Do sugar babies have to sleep with sugar daddies?”‎ The answer is obvious — no, they don’t. Choosing sugar dating, ladies face no sexual obligations. Intimacy may happen only when both sugar partners want it. When you’re honest with your sugar daddy and have a clear idea of how dates should be, you have only a positive experience and receive all the benefits you need.

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