Sugar Daddy Australia Blog Can You Be A Sugar Baby With A Boyfriend? Main Things To Consider!

Is having a sugar daddy cheating? Millions of girls think of the opportunity of being a sugar baby since the number of benefits they can get seems incredibly convincing. However, what to do if you already have a boyfriend? Should you neglect this unique chance, or can you be a sugar baby with a boyfriend too? Let’s have a closer look at this life situation to make proper conclusions!

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Is being a sugar baby and having a boyfriend possible?

Life is definitely unexpected, so yes, it might happen! You may register on a sugar daddy dating platform and get proposals that don’t meet your standards. At this time, you may go dating and find a person who’ll eventually become your match for a romantic relationship, and after this, receive an attractive offer online. It would be stupid to neglect this great chance, and you might eventually agree with having a sugar daddy and a boyfriend.

Another situation is when long-lasting relationships become a habit, and you want to get that unique feeling of making your skin crawl again, thanks to presentable and generous sugar daddies. Naturally, both men turn out to be important for you, and you can’t refuse from each of them!

As you can see, it’s absolutely possible to combine both these roles and enjoy them!

being a sugar baby and having a boyfriend

Is having a sugar daddy cheating?

There’s no one correct answer to this question since every situation is special. Hiding this fact from your boyfriend and having sex with your prosperous companion in exchange for unforgettable emotions and financial support, probably, is a true betrayal, and he’ll feel frustrated once he learns about that.

However, when your boyfriend is aware of your sugar dating experience and doesn’t mind providing arm candy for your wealthy companion at some events, it has nothing to do with cheating.

It seems clear that only if you keep secrets and lie to your partner, you may be accused of obscenity.

Things to keep in mind being a sugar baby with a boyfriend

It’s not a rarity to open relationship forums and see messages like “I have a sugar daddy and a boyfriend. Give advice?”. When you face the same swings in your mind, find a minute and learn what you should think about if you have not only a daddy but also a partner.

Does your daddy know about your boyfriend, and is he against your dating someone else?

Naturally, setting priorities in such relationships is a must. Not all daddies agree to see how their lovely sugar babies hug or kiss other males! Why not initiate a talk on this topic and draw a so-called imagined situation about a boyfriend to see his reaction and decide what to do then.

Is your boyfriend aware of your sugar dating experience and does he approve of it?

Naturally, you have feelings for a guy when you date him and don’t want to disappoint your partner, but there still will be a guilty conscience if you keep your sugar baby experience a secret. Therefore, you may tell this fact directly, explain reasons, and in case a boyfriend loves you, he’ll forgive you.

However, you can also tell about your “friend” who appeared in a similar situation and find out his attitude to such an experience to understand what to expect from him.

sugar baby

What do you feel being shared by several males?

When you’re okay to rush forth and back between two partners, and it doesn’t disturb you at all, probably, you can continue this experience. Remember, it’s the 21st century, and people can do what they want.

What can be the outcome of such relationships?

A double game of being a plus size sugar baby and having a boyfriend may lead to some consequences, so you should weigh all the pros and cons. Try to prioritize what relationships are more significant and desirable personally for you and choose a strategy accordingly.

My girlfriend is a sugar baby: what to do?

People are different, and man’s reaction to his sugar baby girlfriend may be surprisingly varied too. If you’re astonished by the fact “my girlfriend has a sugar daddy,” you should undertake certain actions. You may ask her to leave her sponsor and provide her with everything she wants to be the only beloved person for her. However, in case such a girl’s behavior is totally unacceptable for you, there’s a sense to make a pause in relationships or break up forever.

sugar baby with a boyfriend

Final thoughts

It’s absolutely possible to be a sugar babe even if you’re not single at the moment. However, you should always remember the risks of losing either your boyfriend or your generous companion in this game of having a sugar daddy and a boyfriend at the same time!

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  1. I am just beginning to search for a sugar daddy, but I am in a committed relationship. My partner is fine with me sugaring. My question is how do I bring it up to potential sugar daddies? Should I include the fact that I am polyamorous in my profile?

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