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Sugar baby of the year beauty contest is a new contest that was began in 2015 by the world’s largest online sugar dating site known as The dating site pairs attractive young women (sugar babies) with older rich men (sugar daddies) .

Behind the Scenes of a Sugar Baby Beauty Contest

The contestants are chosen from thousands of applicants and are narrowed down to just twelve finalists. Each contestant is given a different calendar month, whereby their photos are posted and fans can check out the contestant’s page to see their bios before casting their votes. The 12 sugar babies compete for the grand prize and the title of brand ambassador for SeekingArrangement. In addition, she will also appear on the cover of the year’ s Sugar Baby Calendar.


Creating a Perfect Sugar Profile

The Ultimate Competition

The sugar babies are young women that range from 19 to 29 years old. These may include models, students, entrepreneurs and even future lawyers. The contestants, while more than happy to flaunt their bodies in tiny bikinis for the dating sites calendar, they insist that they should be chosen by voters because of their awesome personalities.

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All You Need to Know About Sugar Baby Arrangement

Reasons for Joining The Sugar Baby Beauty Contest

Majority of the contestants are goal oriented people, whether it’s to find means to pay their fees or need to advance their careers and find mentors to help them climb the ladder. However, some are in it for the fun and are just there for the extra cash.

Another reason why they join the contest is to put themselves on exposure. Without a support up in the site, many of the sugar daddies can be lost in the sea of prospects. But when they stand out, they get an influx of attention and hence more money.


Best Sugar Daddy Qualities Every Sugar Baby Should Look For

Challenges Facing Sugar Baby Beauty contestants

Many people view the contest as weird. They disapproving towards it since they believe sugar babies are glorified sex workers. This negative public view tarnishes the contest’s marketing.

Another challenge is the constant hiding. You would not want your family to find out. There are women who would have loved to apply for the contest but since the winners are posted on the site’s calendar, they decline to apply.

In conclusion, sugar dating is a hustle like any other. Therefore, it should not be discriminated. The sugar baby contest is a great way to market these ladies. With increasing desire for a better life relationships is slowly becoming normal and sugar baby contests are just proving to be a new norm. Although people may not embrace this new change, but perhaps in a few years there will be more contests like these taking place.

The winners of the sugar beauty contest are beautiful young women looking for mentorships and financial support to be able to pay their bills and rent before they start their careers. The sugar beauty contest was made so as to appreciate these women and to give them more publicity.

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