Sugar Daddy Australia Secret Benefits vs. Seeking Arrangements — What Site is Better?

If you are tired of spending Friday nights alone and want to immerse yourself in the world of dating, you may need to compare Secret Benefits vs. Seeking Arrangements to select a platform that suits your needs best. While both of them are known for their extensive profile catalogs and intuitive communication tools, there are still some important differences that you need to consider to make the right choice. Most importantly, Seeking Arrangement is no longer a sugar dating site, and its current focus is on mainstream dating only. Read on to learn more about the features that make these services stand out.

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Secret Benefits vs. Seeking Arrangements: Key Differences

These days, more and more young women get interested in sugar dating hoping to find a beneficial arrangement to cover their needs and graduate college debt-free. 

Recently, researchers have started noticing a new trend. According to them, many young ladies opt for this lifestyle not due to financial concerns but rather in the hope to live like popular social media influencers. Regardless of the reasons, there are plenty of gorgeous girls ready to exchange their beauty for long-term financial gain. To find the right match, sugar daddies and sugar babies use popular dating platforms.

It’s worth mentioning that Seeking Arrangement used to be one of the biggest sugar dating sites in the world. Now, it’s changed its positioning and no longer associates with sugaring—mainstream dating only. Still, its user base is large and devoted enough to keep this place worthy of your attention. Seeking Arrangement remains an interesting alternative to Secret Benefits, which is all about sugar dating. If you don’t know which site, Seeking Arrangements or Secret Benefits, suits you better, take a closer look at their comparison below.

Secret BenefitsSeeking Arrangements (ex-sugar)
93% of quality matches.91% of quality matches.
Over 1 mln profiles.5+ mln user profiles.
The site was founded on January 2, 2016.The platform was founded in San Francisco, California, in 2006.
Most members are in their twenties and thirties.Most members are 25-35 years old.
The male-to-female ratio is about 20-to-80.An impressive 1-to-4 male-to-female ratio.
Over 20 mln monthly visits.About 11.5 mln visits every month.
Secret Benefits vs. Seeking Arrangements comparison

Now, let’s take a closer look at the features available on both these dating platforms.

Features and communication options

When comparing Seeking vs. Secret Benefits, you will see the following result:

This platform also has a mobile version optimized for tablets and smartphones. Both services have comparable functionality, however, Seeking Arrangements might be less useful to people who live in small cities.

Seeking vs. Secret Benefits price comparison

Seeking Arrangements offers two subscription plans. While users can create accounts for free, they will need to pay for the Premium subscription to use the available communication tools:

  • 1-month Premium subscription $109.99/mo
  • 3-month Diamond subscription $274.99/mo

Premium members can send an unlimited number of messages, browse the platform in incognito mode, increase the platform’s visibility, use notes, and filter incoming messages. Diamond members are considered Attractive users and can interact with other validated Attractive people on the platform, not to mention the profile status boost.

Secret Benefits uses a fee-based model. You can use credits to watch videos, view restricted pictures, promote your profile, and get priority support.

There are 3 credit packages available:

  • 100 credits $59
  • 500 credits (Elite) $169
  • 1000 credits (Best package) $289

100 credits allow you to unlock up to 10 conversations. The Elite package unlocks 50 conversations while the Best package enables you to talk to 100 gorgeous ladies.

Seeking Arrangements or Secret Benefits: what to choose?

After writing this Seeking and Secret Benefits comparison, we can conclude that these platforms are suitable for different needs.

Are you looking for a well-established service with a range of communication tools? Seeking Arrangements!

Do you want to use a dating site with an extensive collection of profiles? Secret Benefits!

Hurry up and sign up for the dating platform that suits your needs best to find the perfect sugar baby for a beneficial arrangement!

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